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Conversion attributes

To properly match conversions to campaign events, Rokt requires a customer identifier, either raw email, hashed email (SHA-256) or Rokt Tracking ID.

Including contextual data in your conversion reporting helps Rokt optimize your campaigns.

You can find the full list of predefined Rokt attributes in the sections below. You can also define any custom attributes for enhanced reporting.

Core attributes

DescriptionAttribute nameFormatPayload example
Email (SHA-256)emailsha256SHA-256 hash string (lowercase raw email before hashing)F6191D8D6A0F75CA7D237ED07CF8E4612B
Currencycurrency3-letter ISO currency codeUSD
Payment typepaymenttypestringCredit Card
Credit card BINccbin6 digits372888
Confirmation referenceconfirmationrefstringXYZ123
First namefirstnamenameJohn
Last namelastnamenameSmith
Mobilemobilemobile format without country code7327572923
GendergenderM or FF
Date of birthdobyyyymmdd19831215
Languagelanguage2-letter ISO language codeExamples here
Unit numberunitnostring101
Address line 1address1string123 Fake Street
Address line 2address2stringBuilding A
ZIP or postal codezipcodezipcodeFormat examples here
CitycitystringNew York
Countrycountry2-letter ISO country codeExamples here
Conversion typeconversiontypestring
Rokt Tracking IDrokttrackingidstring

Transactional data

NameAttributeFormatPayload example
Major categorymajorcatstringElectronics
Major category IDmajorcatidstring10011
Minor categoryminorcatstringCameras
Minor category IDminorcatidstring10
Customer typecustomertypeguest / memberguest
Product name(s)productnamestringHX99 Compact Camera with 24-720mm zoom, 24〜720mm
Stock keeping unit (SKU)skustringDSC-HX99
Shipping typeshippingtypestringPriority Express
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