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Custom audience import via Zapier

This article outlines the custom audience import using a the third-party tool Zapier.

Setting up a custom audience import#

  1. Log in to

  2. Search for Rokt in Zapier's directory of supported apps.

    Custom Audience Import

  3. Set up a zap for a custom audiences import task.

    1. Select your CRM as the trigger.

      Custom Audience Import

    2. Click Save + Continue.

    3. Connect your account with Zapier (via API key generally).

    4. Select the account and list you want to import subscribers from.

    5. Test the trigger and save.

    6. Select Rokt as the Action app.

    7. Select Import Audience Member as the action.

    8. Click Continue.

      Custom Audience Import

    9. To connect your Rokt account you need to enter your API key:

      1. You will need to login to the older version of One Platform, then click DATA in the top right navigation.

        Custom Audience Import

      2. Click Settings in the left navigation and then Webhook API Key.

        Custom Audience Import

      3. Click Create API Key, then copy the API key.

        Custom Audience Import

    10. Paste the API key in Zapier.

      Custom Audience Import

    11. Map all required fields:

      Custom Audience Import

    12. Click Continue.

    13. Test your task.

    14. Turn your zap on.

      Custom Audience Import

Note: Zaps run automatically every 15 minutes on the free account. If you're testing your zap you can manually run a zap from the dashboard.

What Rokt triggers and actions are supported in Zapier?#

  • Supported triggers:
    • New referral—triggers when a referral is generated from Rokt.
  • Supported actions:
    • Create custom audience—imports an email address into a custom audience list to use in campaign targeting.
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