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Quick start

Start acquiring new customers in no time with Rokt Ads.

1. Add your account details

Set up your account in Rokt’s

One Platform is your one-stop shop for managing your account, setting up campaigns, and viewing reporting data. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up now!

Make sure your company details and billing information are correct. You can also invite other users from your company to create an account.

2. Gather campaign assets

Consider your goals for the Rokt platform and learn more about both campaign types. Based on the type of campaign you choose, start assembling the assets you’ll need for your campaign.

3. Set up conversion reporting

Proper conversion attribution helps you understand which of your campaigns are driving the most value to your business. Reporting your conversions to Rokt helps our machine learning tools better understand what campaigns are most effective at acquiring new customers for your brand. The more data you include about the customer and transaction, the better we’ll be able to optimize your campaign performance on the platform. You can explore all the methods for reporting conversion data and choose what works best for you.

Our recommendation is to integrate directly by adding a snippet of Rokt JavaScript code to your website HTML. Other supported options include via API, tag manager, or manual upload.

4. Create a campaign and submit for approval

Once you’ve gathered any creative assets and set up conversion attribution, you’re ready to create your first campaign.

All Rokt campaigns include at least one audience and one creative. Once you’ve created a campaign, you can add one or more audiences.

The last step is to build at least one creative and submit for approval. All campaigns and creatives need to be approved by the Rokt before going live. For more information, check out our campaign policies.

5. Launch your campaign

Once your campaign and creative are approved (usually within 24 hours), your campaign launches automatically, or upon the start date indicated during campaign setup.

6. Review performance

From One Platform, you can monitor campaign performance in real time. We also offer various ways to export campaign referral data to your own database or CRM.


Please visit our customer support portal to submit a ticket.

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