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Create a campaign

A campaign is a collection of audiences and creatives that share the same marketing objective and draw from the same budget.

Whenever you have a new marketing objective that is different from the objectives of your existing Rokt campaigns, you should create a new campaign. If the marketing objective is identical or similar to an existing campaign, you should first consider extending the existing campaign either by changing the end date, executing another budget, or adding audiences or creatives to an existing campaign.

Before creating a new campaign, you need:

  • The campaign’s objective
  • The campaign’s privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions (if applicable)
  • (Optional) A start and end date
  • Any caps associated with the campaign—e.g., daily, monthly, lifetime spend, or daily referral caps.


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on your account on the Home page.
  3. Click Campaigns.
  4. Click Overview.
  5. Click New Campaign.
  6. Name your campaign.

We recommend that your campaign name includes the marketing objective, country, and timeframe (for example, “U.S. | Web traffic | Q1 2021”).

  1. Select the primary objective.
  2. Click Continue.

Campaign settings

  1. Provide the relevant brand details for this campaign.

Your campaign Country determines the location targeting options available for each audience under a campaign. It also allows country-targeted campaigns to bid in the local currency.

Campaign controls

  1. Set a Referral exclusion period. This is the amount of time that must elapse from when a customer positively responds to an offer before the same customer is presented an offer again from the same campaign.

Terms and conditions

  1. (Optional) Set campaign terms.
    1. Select Yes for Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer Policy to ensure that customers see the appropriate links in the creative.
    2. In the boxes provided, enter the desired plain text or HTML for the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer Policy.

Billing type and budget

  1. Ensure that Billing Type and Measurement Group are as expected.

  2. Specify the campaign schedule.

    If you want to specify campaign start and end date, keep in mind:

    • Both the start date and end date of the campaign are optional.
    • If start date is specified, creatives are not eligible to be displayed until the start date.
    • If end date isn’t specified, the campaign runs until the budget associated with the campaign is exhausted.
    • If end date is specified, the campaign ends on the end date, regardless of how much budget is remaining.
    • The start date must be today or later. The end date must be after the start date.
  3. Enter your budget and set caps. Keep in mind:

  • Caps—every campaign can have a combination of daily, monthly, and lifetime spending caps. In addition, a campaign can have daily referral caps. Specify any caps associated with the campaign.
  • To remove a budget, click the minus icon.
  • To add a new budget, click Add budget.
  1. When you're finished, click Next.

  2. Add an existing audience to your campaign, or create a new audience.

  3. Add an existing creative to your campaign or build a creative.


The following fields are cannot be changed once a campaign has been saved:

  • Campaign objective
  • Country
  • Language
  • Timezone

Ensure these fields are all correct before saving.

Next steps

Before your campaign goes live, you need to:

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