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Status guide

Campaigns, audiences, and creatives each have a status depending on where they are in the campaign lifecycle.

You can find information about the status of your campaign on the Campaigns > Overview page. The color of the icon on each row provides a visual indicator of a campaign's status. You can filter campaigns by status using the Search bar on the Campaigns tab.

A campaign’s status affects all of the audiences and creatives linked to it. For example, pausing a campaign renders the associated audiences and creatives inactive.

Possible statuses include:

  • Live: The item is running and its offers are available to show to customers. Clicking Pause suspends the campaign and its associated audiences and creatives.

    Campaign Status Guide - Live

  • Paused: The item is paused, and its offers are not running. Clicking Start campaign resumes the campaign.

    Campaign Status Guide - Paused

  • Requires Action: There are multiple statuses included within the Requires Action filter.

    Campaign Status Guide - Required Action

    • Hit Limit. The campaign has reached its daily, monthly, or lifetime spend limit. You can edit a budget or add a new budget at any time.
    • Inactive An associated campaign, audience, or creative is inactive. You need to amend the status of the associated item before the item can go live.
    • Disapproved. The item was rejected by the Rokt operations team. The reason for rejection is sent to the account owner and any users with administrator privileges. Check your email or contact to identify and resolve the issue.
  • Pending: The campaign is under review by the Rokt operations team. Once the campaign and any associated creatives and audiences are approved, its status changes to live and offers start running in the Rokt Marketplace.

    Campaign Status Guide - Pending


    You can continue to make changes to a creative while it is pending. Once a creative is approved, you cannot make any changes to the offer.

  • Archived: You can restore an archived campaign by clicking Restore campaign.

    Campaign Status Guide - Archived