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Every Rokt campaign has a unique objective based on your business goals. You can view the supported objectives for Rokt Ads in the table below.

ObjectiveDescriptionAccount typeExtra requirementsNurture message support*PII included in referral delivery?
Website trafficDrive customers to a website landing pageManaged and self-serveURLUp to 2 emailsNo
Email subscriptionCollect customer emails for your mailing listManaged and self-serveNoneUp to 5 emailsYes
Phone leadsCollect customer phone numbers for your call centerManaged and self-serveNone2 emails and 1 SMSYes
PromotionsEmail customers a couponManaged onlyNurture emailRequires 1 email and can support up to 2 emailsNo
Website traffic and email subscriptionDrive customers to a website landing page and collect their emailsManaged and self-serveURLUp to 5 emailsYes
App installsEncourage customers to download a mobile applicationManaged onlyiOS URL,Google Play URL2 emails, or 1 SMS and 1 emailNo

*Nurture messages are not currently available for self-serve accounts.

General specifications#

Rokt creatives are simple—just copy, calls to action (CTAs) and an image. All campaign objectives have the same creative requirements.

Creative title

  • Up to 50 characters

Creative copy text

  • Up to 175 characters, less the number of characters used in the title

Positive CTA

  • Up to 20 characters
  • You can choose to add up to three unique positive CTAs

Negative CTA

  • Up to 20 characters


  • Supported formats: .JPEG, .PNG, .JPG
  • Min dimensions: 400 x 200 px
  • Max file size: 1 MB
  • Transparent background

Learn more about building creatives.

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