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Integration guides overview

Rokt offers a full suite of SDKs and APIs designed to help you integrate Rokt into your website or mobile application. Rokt's developer tools are secure and customizable to your company's technology needs.

There are flexible integration options for various environments using our Web, iOS, Android, and React Native SDKs.

Rokt Ecommerce: Add Rokt to your site#

Rokt Ecommerce clients can integrate the Rokt Web SDK onto your website and to display Rokt placements and campaigns. Learn more

Rokt Ads: Report conversions#

Advertisers using Rokt Ads to run campaigns can improve performance by setting up automatic conversion reporting using the Rokt Web SDK or Event API. Learn more

No-code integration

No developer resources? Check out our Shopify application to add Rokt to your store with just one click!


If you have any questions, reach out to We'll be happy to assist you.

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