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Nurture campaigns

Ecommerce campaigns support up to five Email Nurtures after a customer opts in to an offer.

Build a Nurture campaign

  1. Log in to your Rokt account.

  2. Click on your account.

  3. Click Campaigns.

  4. Click Nurture.

  5. Click Add Nurture.

    Add a nurture

  6. Name your nurture.

  7. Select your Campaign strategy.

  8. Select your Campaign onjective.

  9. Click Create Nurture.

    Create the nurture

  10. Link an audience.

    1. Select the audience Language.
    2. Select an audience to link.
    3. Select if you want to add a coupon code.
    4. Click Save.
  11. Add your Nurture steps.

  12. Click Submit for Approval.

Rokt's Operations team will reach out to complete the process and provide any feedback necessary to get your Nurture Journey approved.

Building your own emails

If you are building your own email templates, you need to provide Rokt with the email messages in HTML format, images, and subject lines.

Your email in HTML format

Rokt can make suggestions on how to adapt the email creative for optimal performance. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • When providing an HTML file, the code must be responsive and have been tested across devices on all major browsers and email applications to ensure templates and images render correctly.
  • We recommend an email width of 600 pixels.
  • Use web-safe fonts. If you want to use custom fonts, designate fallback fonts just in case.


If you don't have the capabilities to host images, we can provide hosting for images used in your Email Nurtures. Before sending your images to Rokt, ensure:

  • Images are in the right format and size for your email.
  • Images are less than 150KB for optimal rendering under any internet connection.
  • You are only using static images (GIF/JPG/PNG).
  • All images are in a single zip file.

Subject lines

Provide all approved subject lines for each email in the email journey. We encourage you to:

  • Keep your subject lines under 35 characters for optimal display on mobile devices. If this isn’t possible, we suggest keeping engaging messaging in the first 35 characters and supplying multiple versions for optimization.
  • Avoid use of the words "win", "free", "click here", and "last chance". These phrases increase the likelihood of the email being picked up by spam filters.

Additional guidelines

  • To keep a high sender reputation, all content must be reviewed to remove any spam triggers.
  • Remove unsubscribe and "view this message in your browser" links as these are included as part of our email template.
  • Rokt does not build HTML emails from PDF or PNG files.
  • Ensure all links are included in your HTML.

Emails built by Rokt

Preferred template

Rokt offers a selection of Email Nurture templates to choose from.

Nurture Template

The following elements are editable and can be personalized:

  • Title copy.
  • Body copy with attributes.
  • Call to action text and link.
  • Coupon code (if relevant).

Design assets

Provide all assets you want to include in your emails according to the template you selected. All the assets files should be provided ready to be uploaded into the templates.

They include, but are not limited to: logo, one hero image per email, and additional images (e.g., icons).

File formatMaximum file sizeImage heightImage width
LogoPNG with transparent background100 KB60 pixels maximum200 pixels maximum
Hero imagePNG or JPEG150 KB250-350 pixels570-600 pixels
IconsPNG with transparent background50 KB50 pixels maximum50 pixels (preferably the same as the image height)

Brand and design guidelines

To customize the email template to your brand, provide the following branding elements:

TypefaceFont sizeFont colorFont weight
Title and body copyFont name, fallback fontSize in pizels# Hex codeBold / 400px
ExampleSource Sans, Arial11 px#000000600 px
TypefaceBackground colorFont colorCorner angle
CTAFont name# Pantone# PantoneRounded / square
ExampleSource Sans, Arial#999999#FFFFFF600 px

Note: It is preferable to use web-safe fonts only.

Copy and dynamic fields

Provide the following copy elements you want to include in your emails via an attached spreadsheet.

  • Subject line
  • Pre-header
  • Title
  • Body copy
  • (Optional) Additional copy

Rokt can make suggestions on how to adapt the creative for optimal performance.

Customer details such as event name, details, and location can be leveraged in emails, personalizing the message to the individual. Including dynamic fields often increases engagement rates.

You can include the following dynamic fields via the spreadsheet included in the email. All dynamic fields must include a fallback value (Example: Firstname | there).

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Coupon code
  • Mobile
  • Title
  • Country
  • Event date

Tracking URLs

Please provide a consolidated list of tracking URLs for each call to action.

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