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Pages overview

Pages are targetable constructs that allow you to choose where and when to deliver Rokt offers and personalized experiences on your site.

A page tells Rokt where your customer is in your transaction flow, and page type indicates the principle objective of the page they’re visiting. This helps Rokt to contextually optimize the experience for customers on your site. For example, a page may tell Rokt to show a placement on your confirmation page and launch it immediately when the page loads.

We encourage you to integrate each page within your checkout flow even if you don’t plan on having Rokt placements on every page. This way Rokt can track and analyze performance on every page involved in your transaction experience.

Targeting rules specify which pages on your site should activate the Rokt Web SDK to track behavior and optimize the page experience for each customer. We do this by matching the URL or ViewName value specified in the targeting rules to the page your customer is on when the Rokt Web SDK fires. You will be unable to save a page without targeting rules.

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