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Q. Should the creative image be my brand logo or an image of my product?

A. Both will work as long as the image is directly related to your product/service being offered.

Q. What does the field "Don't show linked creatives in Position 1" mean?

A. We suggest leaving this field unchecked. Ads perform differently in different positions-some of our clients like to optimize by excluding ads from appearing in Position 1.

Payments & Billings

Q. What is the billing cycle?

A. For credit card payments, our billing cycles charge at increasing increments. These charges start after the first $50, $200, and $500 spent. Afterwards, charges are incurred after every $1000.

Q. When does billing occur and do I need to approve any charges?

A. This will be done monthly through your registered credit card automatically. No approval is needed.

Q. Why is my credit card suspended?

A. Please confirm that the card used in this account has sufficient balance and is usable. If the issues still persist, please visit our customer support portal to submit a ticket.


Q. How does the budget cap work?

A. Once the budget cap is reached in your campaign timezone, the campaign will automatically be paused.

Q. How does maximum bid price work?

A. You input the maximum bid price and we optimize around it. The system will not bid above the maximum bid price you’ve set.

Q. What is smart bidding?

A. Smart Bidding is a machine learning tool that adjusts bid prices based on an individual customer’s predicted conversion rate, order value, or incremental conversion rate.

We recommend turning Smart Bidding on when your campaign has achieved 25 acquisitions in the past 30 days. This allows the system to determine the optimal performance for your campaign to your set cost per acquisition (CPA) goal.

Q. How long is the approval process?

A. Approvals are processed approximately every four hours. Please email for approval if it's been longer than 4 hours.

Conversion Tracking

Q. I have implemented the Rokt Web SDK script, how do I see if it is working properly?

A. Please follow this guide to test your integration.

Q. Should I implement the Rokt Web SDK script on my site if I’m not collecting any data?

A. You are encouraged to implement the Rokt Web SDK script even if you are not collecting any data. Implementing the Rokt Web SDK allows us to attribute conversions more accurately.


Q. Why am I not getting impressions/referrals?

A. We recommend you increase your bid price. Increasing your bid price should cause an uptick in activity in your account.

Besides that, we also encourage you to try out a few variations of creatives that might engage more users.

Q. What is a competitive bid price? Where should I set my max bid price?

A. Competitive bids are dependent on the engagement rate our algorithm tests and then predicts for your offer.

If your current engagement rate is under 1% it is likely due to setting a bid price too low upon launch of your campaign.

We recommend setting your bid at the $5-$7 range upon launch, and then making changes after a day or two once you gain impression share. More generally, competitive bids can range from $3-$10.

One best practice is to pause your existing creatives, duplicate, and launch them again at a higher bid price. This ensures your creatives have the best shot at success upon launch.

Q. Can I test multiple creatives at once?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I make changes to my campaign/audience/creative?

A. You can edit your campaign and audience after they’ve been approved. However, certain changes might move your campaign to “pending approval” as it requires review from the Rokt approval team.

There is no need to pause your campaign to make any changes.

You cannot edit your creative after it's been approved.

Q. Can I delete campaigns/audience/creative?

A. Our system does not allow deletion, alternatively, you can archive the campaign by clicking the pause icon > archive icon.

Q. Can I edit user permissions once they have been set up?

A. No, you will not be able to edit user permissions once they’ve been set up. Please visit our customer support portal and submit a ticket to assist you in making these changes.


Please visit our customer support portal to submit a ticket should you need further support.