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Import conversions via file transfer

As an alternative to integrating with the Web SDK, using the Event API, or conducting a manual import, you can automate the uploading of conversion data into the Rokt platform through the Rokt Secure FTP. If you don't have access to the Rokt SFTP yet, reach out to your account manager before following the instructions below.

Connecting to the Rokt SFTP

Establishing a connection from a host computer (e.g., your laptop) to a secure FTP server requires third-party client software. This tutorial suggests the popular and free client FileZilla which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

  1. In your browser, navigate to and click Download FileZilla Client.
  2. Install FileZilla on your computer. If you already have FileZilla installed, ensure you are running the latest version.
  3. Reach out to your Rokt Account Manager to request access to the Rokt SFTP. Once you've been granted access, you should receive an email from Rokt with the subject "You've been granted access to Rokt's SFTP server."
  4. Download the attached file and unzip the encrypted file using the password provided in a second email "Email for password for file with instructions."
  5. The encrypted file you have just unzipped contains a .pem file which is your key file to access Rokt's SFTP folder.

The following steps are the same for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and are based on the latest version of FileZilla.

  1. Open FileZilla and navigate to File > Site Manager

Rokt SFTP Setup

  1. On the left, click New Site and fill in the following:
  • Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol

  • Host:

  • Port: 22

  • Key file: Browse to your local key file (.pem) and select it from your local drive (see image below).

    Rokt SFTP Setup

  1. Click Connect. You should be connected and able see your accessible folders to upload files.

File path and requirements

Files containing conversion events should be placed within the following file path:

File pathPurpose
/upload/conversionUpload conversion data to the Rokt platform

A few additional notes:

  • Uploaded files are automatically deleted from the folder once processed by the system.
  • We recommend testing your integration using a sample file prepared using the required files format.

Required file format

Files uploaded to the SFTP server must meet the following standards in order to be processed correctly in the Rokt data platform.

  • File format must be .csv or .txt
  • Charset UTF-8 (UTF-16 or UTF-32 with an appropriate byte-order mark)
  • The list of email addresses must be formatted:
    • In a single column
    • Without a column head
  • Email addresses can be either plain text or hashed
  • If hashing email addresses, please ensure that they:
    • Use SHA256 hash algorithm
    • Are lowercase and trimmed (white-space removed) before hashing takes place
    • Are all hashed in the same format—do not mix plain and hashed email addresses per file (emails must be all plain, or all SHA256)

Any file not matching the above format will be rejected by Rokt’s system.

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