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If your company is using Rokt Ecommerce to generate ancillary revenue, this section covers the most frequently asked questions around invoicing and receiving payment from Rokt.

Should I send Rokt an invoice each month?#

Your partnership with Rokt works on a recipient-created invoice model, whereby Rokt creates an invoice for you each month and then makes payment to you accordingly. There is no need for you to send us an invoice for your revenue earned on the Rokt platform.

When will I get paid?#

The table below gives a practical example of our payment process:

July (activity month)AugustSeptemberOctober & November
Revenue is createdAdvertiser reconciliationRecipient-created invoice is created and provided to the partner within the first 10 days of the monthInvoice is paid as per the agreement; standard terms are 45 days from the start of October

Why are the payment terms set up this way?#

Payment terms are longer than normal to allow Rokt time to collect payment from our customers; it’s the revenue we generate from these customers that we share with you. Even if Rokt cannot collect payment from a client, we never extend payment terms for longer than agreed.

What currency will I be paid in?#

Right now, our platform only supports USD, but we aim to expand to other currencies in the future.

How do I update my bank details?#

Send your new details to your account manager. The account manager will update your details in our platform and inform our finance team.

My finance team wants to track our revenue each month. Can you provide an estimate?#

Your account manager can help you log in to our platform and provide guidance on the best report to run (in the correct time zone) to give you an estimate of your revenue for the month. Alternatively, your account manager can send you the estimate directly.

Why does my payment not match the reported revenue in the dashboard?#

The dashboard reflects revenue the moment it is attributed to your account. It does not account for things like manual adjustments to revenue or wire fees from your bank. We do our best to accept all bank fees when paying partners, but some receiving banks don’t allow for this.

Can I use my revenue share to pay for my Rokt Ads campaign?#

Absolutely! We are working towards making this an automatic feature; until that happens, contact your account manager, who can set this up manually for you.

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