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Rokt can schedule delivery of referral files (in .csv format) to you via email. While this method is less secure and requires manual processing to download the files from your email account, it can be a useful way to get started getting referral data from One Platform. You can always switch to an SFTP or an API solution in the future.

Before you begin#

An email delivery setup only requires the following pieces of information:

  1. Email address (or a list of multiple email addresses) where the referrals should be delivered.
  2. Delivery frequency—which specifies how often and at what times you want to receive referral emails.
  3. Required parameters—the most common being email, first name, last name, source, and state. Learn more about the attributes Rokt can provide.

Setting up an email connection#

  1. Navigate to your account in One Platform.

  2. Go to Integrations > Connections in the left navigation.

  3. Click Add connection.

  4. Under Referrals, click Email.

  5. Select the campaign and template for this connection.

Referral Export via Email

  1. Give your connection a name and click Next.

Referral Export via Email

  1. Enter the destination email addresses and click Next.

Referral Export via Email

  1. Select your desired schedule and click Save to create your email connection.

Referral Export via Email

  1. Your email connection has been created for the linked campaign.

Referral Export via Email

Disabling an email connection#

  1. From the left navigation menu, go to the Integrations > Connections page and select Scheduled from the drop-down menu.

    Referral Export via Email

  2. Click the pause icon.

Referral Export via Email 3. Your email connection is disabled.

Referral Export via Email

  1. You can reverse these steps to enable your connection.
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