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Experiment details

Find the experiment details page

  1. In One Platform, click on your account on the Home page. Then go to the Campaigns > Experiments page from the left navigation menu.
  2. Locate or search for your experiment in the Overview list.
  3. Click on the experiment name to view the Details page.

In the top summary card you will find the following:

  • Experiment name and hypothesis
  • Options to end the experiment
  • The number of days running
  • Audience targeted in the experiment

For more information about the experiment settings or to edit allocations click Settings.

Below the top summary card, you will see the results for the experiment. As your experiment runs, you can monitor and compare its performance against your original creative. By looking at these results, you can see whether your results are significant and reliable. We recommend that you run your experiment until at least one variant has a 95% probability to beat the original baseline variant.