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Page identifier

This scenario is in addition to other integration examples and explains how to use the identifier variable in the Web SDK. An identifier is a unique name for the page where you are planning on displaying Rokt placements. This provides the opportunity to identify the page uniquely.


When a page identifier is included, the page URL is ignored for detection purposes.

This is useful in the cases where there is a multistep checkout flow that may have the same URL on various pages, when you want more control over what step or page someone is on within your checkout flow, or to set up different layouts of the same page, based on customer journeys.

The integration follows the same steps as in previous examples, but adds an additional identifer parameter to the selection options.

See IntegrationLauncher.selectPlacements for more details on the method.

launcher.selectPlacements({  identifier: "yourPageIdentifier",  attributes: {    // attributes relevant for a selection  },});
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