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Rokt Web SDK version

Rokt Web SDK1.3.0

Release history

VersionRelease dateRelease notes
1.3.07 November 2022Added support for noFunctional and noTargeting options which allow for a more granular support for managing cookie consent. More details
1.2.127 July 2022Removed unused functionality allowing to set element’s innerHTML.
1.2.025 July 2022Added support for checking if placement is valid. More details
1.1.228 February 2022Fixed issue where launcher version was incorrectly reported.
1.1.121 January 2022Fixed issue where the session id was not passed correctly.
1.1.016 December 2021Added support for optional pageInitTimestamp option. It allows to provide the timestamp of the page being initialised which helps in the correct measuring of performance of the Launcher loaded in single page applications. More details
1.0.013 December 2021Initial release.
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