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Rokt SDK for React Native version

Rokt SDK for React Native3.9.1
React Native0.62+

Release history

VersionRelease dateReact Native supportiOS supportAndroid supportRelease notes
3.9.1Nov 08, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Performance improvements and bug fixes.
3.9.0Oct 24, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Ability to limit logo size, Ability to open traffic links with default browser, Support for Xcode 14.
3.8.0Aug 11, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Introduced a new BottomSheet layout placement.
3.7.0Jun 23, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Customizable progress bar is supported.
3.6.5Apr 29, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Bug fix and enhancement.
3.6.4Apr 21, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Bug fix and enhancement.
3.6.3Apr 14, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Integrated closing paragraph for Rokt's placement.
3.6.2Feb 28, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Allow footer divider to be configurable.
3.6.1Jan 20, 20220.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)Minor placement UI updates to follow Rokt's best practice design guidelines in-app.
3.6.0Nov 2, 20210.62+10 and 10+4.3+ (API Level 18)iOS 15 supported. Android network communication improved and minor bugs fixed.
3.5.2May 13, 20210.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)UI enhancements on iOS overlay placement.
3.5.1Apr 27, 20210.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)Removed Play Install Referrer library and minor Android bug fixes.
3.5.0Mar 9, 20210.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)A new overlay placement design has been introduced to align with Rokt's mobile web experience and provide a "lightbox" style modal with a transparent background.
3.4.1Feb 12, 20210.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)Android dynamic React Native version from node_modules.
3.4.0Feb 8, 20210.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)Introduced support for fulfilment attributes to allow raw PII data to be shared with Rokt only after a positive opt-in by a customer.
3.3.2Dec 14, 20200.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)Update SDK license.
3.3.1Dec 9, 20200.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)Performance improvements.
3.3.0Dec 3, 20200.62+9 and 9+4.3+ (API Level 18)Introduced React Native compatibility with iOS and Android Rokt SDK, displaying lightbox and embedded placements.