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iOS SDK version

Rokt SDK for iOS3.15.8
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Release history

VersionRelease dateiOS supportXcode versionSwift versionBreaking changesRelease notes
3.15.8Oct 23, 20234.4+ (API Level 19)155NoAdded support for creative title styling.
3.15.7Oct 3, 20234.4+ (API Level 19)155NoXcode 15 now supported, general bug fixes.
3.15.6Aug 31, 20234.4+ (API Level 19)145NoThis release contains general bug fixes.
3.15.5Aug 11, 20234.4+ (API Level 19)145NoThis release contains general bug fixes.
3.15.4Aug 9, 20234.4+ (API Level 19)145NoThis release adds a customisable progress bar start index and some small UI adjustments.
3.15.0Jun 21, 20234.4+ (API Level 19)145NoSupport for additional close button at the bottom of the placement and updates to header design.
3.14.2Jun 5, 202310 and 10+145NoThis release contains general bug fixes.
3.14.1May 31, 202310 and 10+145NoThis release includes support for new layouts and general bug fixes.
3.13.0May 03, 202310 and 10+145NoThis release includes a feature that provides a text based progress indicator below the CTA’s, including customizable additional text.
3.12.1Apr 18, 202310 and 10+145NoAllows static links to be opened with the default mobile browser.
3.12.0Apr 6, 202310 and 10+145NoAdded the ability to close placement on negative response. Customisable footer alignment and some small UI adjustments.
3.11.0Mar 21, 202310 and 10+145NoAbility to show images on dark mode and close placements.
3.10.0Dec 19, 202210 and 10+145NoAdded support for word wrap in title text.
3.9.0Oct 24, 202210 and 10+145NoAbility to limit logo size, Ability to open traffic links with default browser, Support for Xcode 14.
3.8.0Aug 11, 202210 and 10+135NoIntroduced a new BottomSheet layout placement.
3.7.0Jun 23, 202210 and 10+135NoCustomizable progress bar is supported.
3.6.4Apr 14, 202210 and 10+135NoIntegrated closing paragraph for Rokt's placement.
3.6.3Mar 18, 202210 and 10+135NoAdded Change case option for CTA buttons.
3.6.2Feb 28, 202210 and 10+135NoAllow footer divider to be configurable.
3.6.1Jan 19, 202210 and 10+135NoMinor placement UI updates to follow Rokt's best practice design guidelines in-app.
3.6.0Sep 23, 202110 and 10+135NoXcode 13 and iOS 15 supported. Small performance improvements around events. iOS 9 deprecated.
3.5.1May 13, 20219 and 9+125NoUI enhancements on overlay placement.
3.5.0Mar 9, 20219 and 9+125NoA new overlay placement design has been introduced to align with Rokt's mobile web experience and provide a "lightbox" style modal with a transparent background.
3.4.1Feb 8, 20219 and 9+115NoUI enhancements to support the Rokt React Native SDK. That is, to enable the iOS SDK to render Rokt Offers and Placements within an iOS React Native environment.
3.4.0Jan 21, 20219 and 9+115NoIntroduced support for fulfillment attributes to allow raw PII data to be shared with Rokt only after a positive opt-in by a customer. Learn more here.
3.3.0Oct 26, 20209 and 9+115NoIntroduced a Rokt in-app browser (replacing Safari WebView) to provide a better customer experience and support app links including internal deep links and app store links for app install offers.
3.2.2Oct 7, 20209 and 9+115NoSmall performance improvements surrounding font downloads (registering font on device).
3.2.1Oct 1, 20209 and 9+115NoSmall performance improvements surrounding font downloads.
3.2.0Aug 6, 20209 and 9+115NoMinor placement UI updates to bring Rokt's best practice design guidelines in-app. This has a small impact to the location and padding of the offer T&Cs, offer Privacy Policy and the placement confirmation message.
3.1.2Jul 16, 20209 and 9+115NoMinor padding format alignment to standardize the configuration between Rokt's web and in- app integrations.
3.1.1Jul 13, 20209 and 9+115NoDevice ID (IDFA) has been removed from the Rokt iOS SDK to comply with new Apple privacy policies. As of version 3.1.1, the Rokt iOS SDK does not collect IDFA under any circumstance.
3.1.0Jun 4, 20209 and 9+115NoNew placement template added to allow positive and negative response buttons to appear stacked in addition to side-by-side. Small performance improvements surrounding font downloads.
3.0.0May 12, 20209 and 9+115NoMajor release update to connect the Rokt iOS SDK with the new Rokt Mobile-API and back-end systems.
2.3.0Nov 25, 20199 and 9+115NoIntroduced support for Overlay Placements using Apple's Automatic Presentation Style. Also improved offer image support for dark mode.
2.2.3Nov 11, 20199 and 9+115NoIntroduced support for Dark Mode with separate color schemes able to be configured between Light Mode and Dark Mode.
2.1.8Nov 11, 20199 and 9+105NoBackwards support update for Xcode 10.
2.2.0Sep 30, 20199 and 9+115YesXcode 11 supported from this version.
2.1.7Sep 17, 20199 and 9+105NoRemoved a dynamic dependency with an external library.
2.1.0Sep 17, 20199 and 9+105NoIntroduced a new embedded placement format.
2.0.1Jun 18, 20199 and 9+105NoIntroduced multiple offers. Also Swift 5 is support from this version
1.0.0Sep 11, 20189 and 9+104NoFull screen placement template introduced with the Rokt widget
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