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Rokt SDK for Flutter overview

The Rokt Flutter SDK enables you to integrate Rokt into your Flutter mobile apps. The SDK is built to be lightweight, secure, and simple to integrate and maintain, resulting in minimal lift for your engineering team.

Rokt Ecommerce

For Rokt partners, the Flutter SDK empowers you to optimize your user experience's on your app. When instructed by your app, the Flutter SDK displays Rokt placements either as an overlay (on top of your page) or embedded in the existing view. Rokt placements are customizable in One Platform with a selection of styling options (e.g., font, colors, buttons) available.

You can also dictate the customer and transactional attributes that your application integrates with Rokt. These data attributes are used to personalize the Rokt experience and optimize offer selection for each customer.

Rokt Ads

For Rokt advertisers, the SDK closes the loop on conversion tracking. This enables you to better optimize campaigns towards customers that are more likely to convert. When instructed by your app, the Flutter SDK can record a conversion event with Rokt. Based on the customer attributes provided to Rokt, our system can attribute conversions to the appropriate referral events.

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