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Add to Cart Donations


Add to Cart Donations are currently in closed alpha. If you are interested in this integration, please reach out to your Rokt account manager.


By partnering with Pledge, a market leader in charitable giving, Rokt can enable your customers to donate to one of the top 100 verified charities without ever leaving their purchase journey.

Integrating with Rokt

In order to implement a Donation campaign, we ask that you:

  1. Integrate the Rokt Web SDK on the page(s) you want the donation placement to show. Skip this step if you already have the SDK integrated on those pages.
  2. Integrate the appropriate data elements. A sample Web SDK snippet with these recommended data elements is here. Rokt will provide you with a custom snippet based on your specific needs.
  3. Include a <div> tag with a unique #id in the place(s) you want Rokt to appear.
  4. Integrate with the Rokt Cart API so that donation amounts can be disbursed to the beneficiary via Pledge. The cart/confirm call is the main requirement for Add to Cart Donations.
  5. Follow our integration best practices to ensure that Rokt loads quickly on your site.

Selecting an organization for donations

Rokt’s algorithm will select a cause to display to your customers. We can also support filtering the pool of organizations with inclusion/exclusion lists. Speak to your account manager if you’d like to focus your Donation campaigns on a specific set of organizations.

Data elements

We ask for the following data elements to power Add to Cart Donations.

Data attributePurposeRequired?
EmailIdentity, donation receiptYes
First NameIdentity, donation receipt, optimizationYes
Last NameIdentity, donation receiptYes
Phone NumberIdentityNo
ExperienceUser ExperienceNo
Payment type and CC Bin (on file)Targetting/optimizationNo
Cart totalTargeting/Optimization, creative personalizationNo
CurrencyTargeting, User ExperienceNo
Products Purchased and Major/ Minor Purchase CategoriesTargeting/Optimization, creative personalizationNo
AgeUser Experience OptimizationNo
GenderUser Experience OptimizationNo
Address/Zip codeTargeting/OptimizationNo
Customer ID (If applicable)IdentityNo

Web SDK for standard integrations

Please see this page for examples of our standard Web SDK integration.

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