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Campaign policy overview

Rokt allows advertisers to acquire customers from an ever-growing audience of users purchasing on leading ecommerce sites.

The key to the healthy functioning of Rokt’s marketplace is ensuring positive customer experience and gaining customer trust. As such, all campaigns must adhere to the Rokt Ads campaign policies. These policies explain what Rokt considers when evaluating content prior to publication.

To comply with the Rokt Ads campaign policies, advertisers must adhere to requirements across the following areas:

What content does this policy apply to?

The policy covers:

  • Campaign creative: CTA (Call-to-Action) copy, imagery & logos, disclaimer copy, coupons
  • Email creative: creative copy, CTA (Call-to-Action) copy, coupons
  • Destination sources: sites or landing pages linked to Rokt campaigns, application listings

Campaign content and communication that advertisers wish to show to customers, such as creatives, CTA (Call-to-Action) copy, imagery and logos, disclaimer copy, coupons, email confirmation and reminder email, app downloads, and landing pages that are linked to Rokt campaigns.


These policies are only a guide and Rokt reserves the right to exclude content for any reason.

How are campaign creatives rendered?

See the image below for a few examples of how your campaign might appear.

Campaign Creatives Rendering


Campaigns may show within a path of multiple offers, depending on bid price and auction.

If you have any questions reach out to your Rokt account manager or email