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Image requirements

As an advertiser, you’ll show a logo or product-related image alongside your creative text in some placements. Given the native nature of Rokt Ads, many advertisers choose to use their logo.

Remember: An image is not guaranteed to show in all placements, so the creative text must communicate the message and adhere to the broader campaign policies independently to the image.

Technical requirements

We ask that images meet follow these technical specifications:

File format: .PNG or .JPG
Maximum file size: 2MB
Aspect ratio: Between 1:1 and 1.91:1 (3:2 recommended for best results)
Aspect ratio tolerance: 3%
Minimum dimensions: 400 x 400 pixels
White space: Logo must take up at least 80% of the overall image area

Design recommendations

To ensure your images appear well-sized and optimally on the Rokt network, we recommend the following:

  • 1:1 (1080 x 1080 pixels) for square logos.
  • 3:2 (1080 x 565 pixels) for landscape logos and product images
    We recommend that you use a high-quality version of any logo or image to be sure it renders well on devices with retina display.

Image policies

To ensure an optimal experience for your customers, please apply the following policies:

  • Logos can be the brand or product logo/name and take up at least 80% of the overall image area. We recommend a transparent background. We also accept a solid white (#ffffff) background.
  • A product image must be directly related to your product or service. For example, a smiling face is acceptable for a dental product/service, but unacceptable for food subscription. We’ve included additional examples below. Rokt has complete discretion when deciding what is appropriate.
  • A logo can be superimposed over a product image, as long as it’s legible when the image is scaled down to 400px wide. Specifically, the superimposed logo must take up >20% of the total image area.
  • Images and/or logos must be static, not animated.
  • All meaningful contents of the image must be clear and legible when the image is scaled to 400px width. E.g. Illegible cardholder name on a credit card is acceptable.
  • Any text besides the brand name or product name is not permitted. This includes any call to action like ‘click here’, etc.
  • Images and/or logos must comply with Rokt’s broader campaign policies including policies around prohibited, sensitive, and illegal content. As a general rule, any image that depicts violence, harm, discrimination or could evoke discomfort or distress is unacceptable. Our approval committee will use their discretion when reviewing any questionable images.
  • Advertisers must own the rights to the image and watermarks are unacceptable.


rokt_logo_no❌ Too much white space around the logo. Text cannot be added above or below a logo.
rokt_logo_yes✅ Properly cropped to remove white space. High resolution and not pixelated.
WC_logoAdvertiser: Wildlife and conservation charity
✅ Relevant product image.

❌ Logo is illegible and under the threshold of 20% of the image.
WC_textAdvertiser: Wildlife and conservation charity
✅ Relevant product image.

❌ Text other than brand or product name.
food_subAdvertiser: Food subscription
✅ Logo is part of the image rather than overlaid.

✅ Relevant product image.
dentalAdvertiser: Food subscription
❌ Irrelevant product image to product/service being offered.

Advertiser: Dental service/product
✅ Relevant product image.