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Hyperlink requirements

Website referrals and emails include links to the advertiser’s website.

  • Where used, such links must be referred to clearly and accurately in the creative.
    • For example, if using the copy "Click to find out more about Cloud’s insurance policies!" the landing page must include information about Cloud’s insurance policies.
  • Links must direct to a functioning and offer relevant landing page, which:
    • Refers to the same goods, services, and advertiser referred to in the creative.
    • Does not look like spam.
    • Links to a valid privacy policy.
    • Is not under construction.
    • Has not disabled the browser’s back button.
    • Is viewable in commonly used browsers, e.g., Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
    • Should use the secure HTTPS protocol for additional security and to be compatible with Rokt’s Mobile SDK.


Example creativesApproval decision
Join the Company XYZ newsletter and receive a $25 VOUCHER to spend on your first purchaseRejected—Bolding and capitalization of words in campaign.
Company XYZ makes it easy to compare a wide range of advertisers in one place! Select YES below to find out more!Rejected—Unacceptable capitalization in the word YES.
Win win win a free balloon from Company XYZ. Click yes please to find out more.Rejected—Unnecessary repetition of word win.
It’s time to get ahead & look great with Company XYZ. We’re giving away an amazing prize. Find out more.Approved (traffic referral only)—Capitalization only for the advertiser name.
You could win $1,000 from Company XYZ. Interested? Click Yes please to find out more.Approved—Unnecessary repetition eliminated. Approved assuming competition terms are included.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Rokt account manager or email