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Copy requirements

Clear and concise creatives perform better and can be shown neatly on all devices. This section covers campaign editorial requirements.

All campaigns

Can haveCannot have
- Total maximum length of 175 characters- Unnecessary repetition
- Gimmicky punctuation, incorrect spelling, or incorrect grammar
- Excessive punctuation, symbols, or characters (#, $, ;-), !), especially exclamation marks!!!
- Excessive capitalization—including for emphasis words such as FREE or CHEAP
- Title case for nouns that are not a advertiser name, e.g., "Televisions, Laptops, and Microwaves"
- Incorrect spacing—e.g., winaprize (no spacing) or spaces between words (e.g., w i n)
- Non-specific phrasing, e.g., "Buy products here" or "Win a prize"
- Non-standard spelling or grammar for the market where the campaign is running, e.g., "Realize your dream" instead of Realise"for a UK campaign
- Incorrect currency symbols, e.g., $ instead of £ for ads for in the UK
- Bold lettering

Title and Creative Copy

The title for the ads shown in placement is the leading text before the creative copy by default. Up to 50 characters are supported.

The creative copy is limited to 175 characters, less the number of characters used in your title.


Ensure the title and creative copy read together make grammatical and contextual sense.

It is best practice for the title to include the promotion or special offer, and the advertiser name.


  • Title: Enjoy up to 70% off ABC advertiser!
  • Creative copy: Shop now on offers like free two-day shipping on thousands of items. Visit us to find out more!

If you have any questions, reach out to your Rokt account manager or email