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Enable the upsell page

Add the Rokt Ecommerce: Upsells & Ads app

  1. Go to Settings in your Shopify admin.

  2. Go to Checkout.

    Shopify upsells checkout

  3. Scroll down to Post-purchase page.

  4. Select Rokt Ecommerce.

  5. Click Save.

    Shopify upsells post purchase

Create an upsell campaign

  1. Navigate to the Upsell page tab.

  2. Select Create new campaign.

    Shopfy new campaign

  3. If Rokt Ecommerce: Upsells & Ads is not selected to show on your Post-purchase page, you’ll be prompted to do so. Follow the steps above.

  4. Select the edit icon to rename your campaign.

  5. Select Add a collection and select the collection you want to sell. Rokt’s machine learning algorithms will ensure the most relevant product from the collection is presented to each individual customer.

    Shopify upsells add collection

    • We recommend selecting a collection with less than 50 products that includes commonly purchased items with a low price relative to your average order value.
    • A collection can contain no more than 250 products.
    • If you want to create a new collection, in Shopify admin go to Products > Collections and click Create collection.
    • By default, products in the collection won’t display on the upsell page if the customer just purchased the product in their order. To change this setting, open Advanced settings and uncheck Purchased products.
    • By default, customers see one upsell offer before landing on the confirmation page. To show two upsell offers, one after the other, open Advanced settings and select Two offers.
  6. To restrict when the upsell page displays for your customers, you can set Eligibility rules based on:

    • Cart contents: The upsell page will only display when the cart contains or does not contain the products or variants you select.
    • Order amount: The upsell page will only display when the order amount is greater than or less than the amount you enter.
    • Customer: The upsell page will only display if the customer checks out as a registered user or a guest.

    If there are two or more rules set in the campaign, the upsell page will only show for a customer if both rules are satisfied.

  7. To set a flat or percentage discount on the upsell product, configure the settings in Pricing and discounts.

    Shopify pricing

  8. To apply shipping charges on the upsell product (in addition to shipping charges in the original order), configure the settings in Shipping fees.

    Shopify shipping

  9. Click Save.

  10. To preview the upsell page, select Preview at the top of the page.

    • To preview the upsell page for a specific product in your collection, click on the collection to view your products and click the view icon next to the product you want to preview.
  11. Click Activate campaign. The campaign is now live and ready to be displayed to your customers.


If your campaign shows as Processing, refresh your browser and it will appear as Active.

Customize the upsell page

  1. To customize the upsell page, go to the Upsell page tab and select Customize page.

    Shopify upsell customize

  2. Select Customize placement.

    Shopify upsell customize placement


    The Upsell page appearance is the same for all campaigns. You won’t be able to customize the upsell page differently for each campaign.

  3. You can customize these components on the upsell page:

    • Header (banner).
    • Layout and color.
    • Font weight, size and alignment.
    • Offer timer.
    • Countdown timer.
    • Layout and color

    You can't change the banner text as it is personalized to each customer and their order.

Enable the upsell page

  1. On the Upsell page tab, make sure you have at least one Active campaign.

  2. Select Customize page.

  3. Select Enable Placement.

    Shopify upsell enable

Each time a customer adds an upsell product to their order, it will have the tag Includes Rokt Upsell. To stop tagging orders, uncheck Tag orders with [Includes Rokt Upsell] when customer’s opt-in to the Rokt upsell offer.


Shopify places orders on hold for up to 1 hour if the customer does not continue to the confirmation page after seeing an upsell offer e.g., the customer closes their browser after seeing a post purchase offer, believing that their order has been processed.

Preview the Upsell page

You can preview the upsell page when you are creating or editing a campaign.

  1. In the Upsell page tab, click the pencil icon for the campaign you’d like to preview.

  2. Select Preview at the top of the page, or

  3. To preview the upsell page for a specific product in your collection, select the arrow next to the collection to view your products and select the eye icon next to the product you want to preview.


    You can preview the placement for both desktop and mobile.

Test the Upsell page

  1. Make sure the upsell page is enabled (see steps above).

  2. Make sure you have at least one live and eligible upsell campaign (see steps above).

  3. Wait 10 minutes after enabling the page and creating your campaign before conducting a test purchase.

  4. Make a test purchase on your store using test payment details to ensure you are not charged for the purchase. Learn more about the Shopify Payment Test Mode.

  5. After you click Pay now but before you land on the confirmation page, you should see a post-purchase extension page with an upsell offer for a product from your campaign.


Why is the upsell page not appearing?

When enabled, the upsell page will appear for all eligible customers provided there is an eligible campaign available based on the configured rules and the products selected. However, there are a number of reasons why the upsell placement might not appear. These include:

  • The upsell placement is disabled. Check that the placement is enabled on the Placement page under the Upsell tab.
  • The upsell placement has been recently enabled. After enabling, it can take up to 10 minutes to begin appearing.
  • You have no active campaigns within your account. To begin showing upsell offers you need to have at least one active campaign. You can create a campaign on the Upsell page.
  • There are no eligible campaigns based on the rules you have configured. A campaign is only eligible to appear if all the eligibility rules you configure are met. If the rules are not met for any campaign, no upsell offer will be displayed.
  • There are no eligible products within your chosen campaign(s). When deciding if a product is eligible, the following apply:
    • If the product quantity is tracked, then it must have a non-zero quantity in stock or be allowed to continue selling when out of stock.
    • If it is a physical product, the initial purchase must have also included a physical product.
    • The product price is no more than 3 times the total order amount of the initial purchase.
    • An unsupported payment method was used. Supported payment options.
    • The original order was paid for in a different currency to your store’s currency set in the Shopify admin portal. This only applies to stores that support multi-currency.

Why are my orders on hold?

  • Shopify places orders on hold for up to 1 hour if the customer does not continue to the confirmation page after seeing an upsell offer, e.g., they may close their browser after seeing a post purchase offer believing that their order has been processed. After 1 hour the order hold woll be lifted and the order status will change to Paid.

  • See Upsells FAQ for additional information.

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