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What are Customer Confirmation Emails?

When a customer opts-in to an offer on your ecommerce site, Rokt automatically sends a Customer Confirmation Email. This message helps you complete transactions by confirming interest in offers, delivering coupon codes, or sending app install links to customers—all without the need to sign up for an email list There are up to two steps in this email journey: the initial Confirmation Email and the Reminder Email. These emails are:

  • Native: Purely for the customer’s benefit, so they receive confirmation of and are able to redeem the offer they asked for.
  • Timely: Sent immediately after a customer engages with an offer.
  • Customizable: You may either default to the standard template provided by Rokt, or take the opportunity to provide a personalized and/or branded header and footer.

It’s important to note that since these emails are sent by the ecommerce site, they do not give advertisers access to any data.

You can opt-out of Customer Confirmation Emails at any point in time via One Platform. This will make any audience linked to an Email Journey not eligible to appear on their site.

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