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Transparency accuracy

Rokt has clear policies regarding campaign transparency and accuracy. The requirements are outlined here.

All campaigns#

MustMust not
- Be fair, accurate, transparent, and truthful.
- Be capable of being objectively proven/substantiated.
- Remain up-to-date throughout the duration of the campaign.
- Directly relate to, and be factually supported by, the content/claims in follow up calls, follow up emails, or on landing pages that users are directed to.
- Specify any geographic limitations on where a product or service can be used or obtained— e.g., Campaigns shown to consumers in the U.S. must be able to be redeemed by end users who reside in the U.S.
- Specify any technical limitations on who can obtain the product.
- Specify any limitations on the availability of the product only to certain classes of consumers.
- Make fraudulent, false, or misleading offers of goods or services (such as in relation to sponsorship, approval, performance characteristics, accessories, uses, or benefits).
- Rely on disclaimers to fix or negate a misleading impression contained in the principal campaign message (clickbait); disclaimers should merely clarify or qualify a claim.
- Make unverifiable competitive claims, superlatives, offers, discounts, and pricing. For example: using “#1,” “best,” “cheapest,” or “unique" unless verified by an independent party on the landing page.
- Contain any misrepresentations or suggest that any entity has any approval, partnership, or sponsorship of another entity that it does not have.
- Breach intellectual property laws (such as copyright, trademark, or moral rights).
- Breach spam or privacy laws.
- Violate any law or any legal rights of any person or entity in any jurisdiction.

Campaigns that link to landing pages#

Partners must not substantively update their linked landing pages without notifying their Rokt account manager or emailing

Campaigns displaying additional terms & conditions/privacy policies#

  • Additional terms and conditions or privacy policies, which appear as a lightbox linked from the creative, may be included at the discretion of the partner or if required by Rokt.
  • If included, they must include any necessary or applicable terms and conditions which themselves are clear, accurate, and complete, and comply with local laws in the territory in which the campaigns are to be displayed.

Campaigns that incorporate coupon codes or discounts#

  • Multi-use or unique coupon codes may be included at the discretion of the advertiser and may be fed through to campaign copy or sent via email confirmations or nurtures.
  • If used, coupon codes must be valid and redeemable. Campaign copy and any disclaimers or terms and conditions must clearly disclose any terms, limitations, or exclusions (such as minimum spend, and start and end dates)—for example, a $50 credit when you spend $350 or more before June 30th, 2020. The basic test is whether there is a catch that isn’t immediately obvious to the end user (this needs to be disclosed).
  • Customers must be allowed a reasonable opportunity to redeem the voucher or coupon. Usually, this will be a period of not less than one week from the campaign end date.

Campaigns incorporating games of chance (sweepstakes, competition, or lucky draw)#

  • Campaigns may incorporate games of chance (sweepstakes, competition, or lucky draw) and may, with Rokt's agreement, utilize the Rokt competition management platform to manage entries and draws.
  • If incorporated, campaigns must include official rules which are up-to-date, clearly articulate all details of the game of chance, include the start/end dates (that end after campaign end date), and permit numbers and any other information or approvals required by applicable regulation (including registration and bonding in relevant states/territories).
  • The partner must itself be the promoter of the games of chance and be responsible for the conduct of the draw unless the advertiser and Rokt agree otherwise.
  • If a customer is not directly entered into the game of chance via the Rokt platform (e.g., Rokt is not managing the promotion on the advertiser’s behalf), the partner must include terms that identify any extra steps that must be taken for the user to enter the promotion (either in the campaign or associated terms and conditions).
  • Campaigns incorporating games of chance must not give customers the misleading impression they have definitely won a prize as part of sweepstakes, when there is only a chance of doing so.

Campaigns using personalization in creatives#

  • Campaigns may utilize user-provided or partner-provided transaction details to personalize the messaging of their campaigns.
  • If personalization is used, audience targeting must exactly match and correspond to the personalization elements in the creative. For example, personalization that includes partner-provided transaction details for a concert (e.g., “Your {rokt.eventname | ticket} includes…”) must only target an audience where these partner-provided transaction details are available.

Personalizing other experiences#

  • Additional personalization is permitted in certain circumstances for landing pages and emails.
  • Where this is allowed:
    • Any hyperlinks must use HTTPS to avoid any included personally identifiable information (PII), or other non-PII information, from being intercepted during transmission.
    • PII transferred via URL should be served onto the landing page ready for immediate acceptance or refusal by the customer.
    • Advertisers must present their privacy policy in a clear and conspicuous manner on their landing page above the fold alongside the call to action.
    • If a customer does not sign up on the landing page, data must be purged and not collected or replicated elsewhere as required under the Landing Page Data Use Addendum.


Example creativesApproval decision
Purchase a new phone for $10 from Company XYZ.Rejected—Not clear that the offer is tied with other conditions and not clear to the customer as to what happens next.
Get 4 cinema tickets for a dollar.Rejected—Not clear that the offer is tied with other conditions and not clear to the customer what happens next.
Visit our site & get a new phone for $10 from Company XYZ. Find out how!Approved—Clear to the customer what will happen next and clear the offer is tied to a subscription
Sign up to our newsletter to get 4 cinema tickets for a dollar when you sign up to a monthly subscription.Approved—The campaign states that the offer is in conjunction with other conditions.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Rokt account manager or email

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