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Editorial requirements

Clear and concise campaigns perform better and can be shown neatly on all devices. This section covers campaign editorial requirements.

All campaigns#

Can haveCannot have
- Character length is at the discretion of the partner (recommended at 175 characters)- Unnecessary repetition
- Gimmicky punctuation, incorrect spelling, or incorrect grammar
- Excessive punctuation, symbols, or characters (#, $, ;-), !), especially exclamation marks!!!
- Excessive capitalization—including for emphasis words such as FREE or CHEAP
- Title case for nouns that are not a advertiser name, e.g., "Televisions, Laptops, and Microwaves"
- Incorrect spacing—e.g., winaprize (no spacing) or spaces between words (e.g., w i n)
- Non-specific phrasing, e.g., "Buy products here" or "Win a prize"
- Non-standard spelling or grammar for the market where the campaign is running, e.g., "Realize your dream" instead of Realise"for a UK campaign
- Incorrect currency symbols, e.g., $ instead of £ for ads for in the UK
- Bold lettering

Title and Creative Copy#

The title for the creative shown in placement is the leading text before the creative copy by default. Up to 250 characters are supported.


Ensure the title and creative copy read together make grammatical and contextual sense.

It is best practice for the title to include the promotion or special offer, and the partner name.


  • Title: Enjoy up to 70% off ABC!
  • Creative Copy: Sign up for emails on offers like free two-day shipping on thousands of items. Shop now.


Logos used as part of campaigns must:

  • Have a transparent background
  • Be directly related to the advertiser or product/service being offered
  • Display clearly on the screen
  • Not be animated
  • Not include generic calls to action such as "Free", "Click here", or "Buy now"
  • Meet the following dimensions:
    • Minimum: 400 pixels (width) x 200 pixels (height).
    • Maximum: while there is no fixed maximum, images larger than 400 pixels in width are rescaled automatically
    • Max file size is 1,000 KB (Campaigns with large creative sizes load slower in the widget)

Campaigns with emails and SMS confirmations#

  • Campaigns may be followed up by emails.
    • Emails or SMS confirmations can be an initial, one-off, and immediately sent to customers that confirm a customer has accepted a specific offer on the Rokt platform.
    • Emails can also be used to follow up with the customer and remind them about the offer.
    • The product/service being promoted is a considered purchase that has an extended conversion period (i.e. 2 weeks)
    • The campaign includes a coupon code that the customer must use to redeem the offer presented in the creative (i.e. FREEMEAL)
  • Emails, including for multi-step email nurture programs, must:
    • Only include factual information and any information directly related to the campaign copy.
    • Not contain upsell or cross-sell content, or additional promotional material, content, or other materials unrelated to the original campaign copy.
    • Comply with the editorial requirements.

Maintain a strong sender reputation#

To prevent email nurtures from being marked as spam by customers or email service providers like Google, they must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not use deceptive subject lines: The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.
  • Do not use spam triggers and phishing phrases: This doesn't mean you can't use trigger words, but you should use them sparingly.
  • Email format and content: Avoid overuse of capital letters, exclamation marks, and use a variety of font sizes, styles, and colors.
  • Do not abuse text-based emails: Text-based emails should be used sparingly as performance deteriorates over time.
  • Regularly update nurture content: Do not leave a campaign running for an extended time without updating its contents. Upload the latest optimized HTML code to ensure emails render properly on all ESPs.

Best practices#

  • Keep a good text to image ratio: Do not send emails with just an image in the body but no other content. Include at least several lines of text with each image.
  • Optimize images: Use a maximum size of 150KB and add alt-text in your HTML file so there is fallback text if the image does not appear.
  • Send valuable content: Ensure emails are relevant to your campaign and that the nurture has a content strategy.
  • Make sure emails are branded: Having a recognizable logo, and using advertiser fonts and colors increases advertiser recognition—even on text-based emails.
  • Fonts: Use fonts like Arial, Verdana, Georgia, or Times New Roman that work across all email platforms, or make sure fallback fonts are specified in the code.
  • Optimize for mobile: Ensure emails are legible and load quickly on mobile devices, and that links can be pressed easily from a mobile device. Increase button size with CSS if necessary and keep links above the fold.
  • HTML code best practices: Keep your HTML code as simple and clean as possible, and use a maximum body width of 700 pixels. Having a proper CSS section allows your email to render properly on mobile.

Campaigns containing hyperlinks#

  • Website referrals and email nurtures include links to the partner's website.
  • Where used, such links must be referred to clearly and accurately in the campaign copy.
    • For example, if using the copy "Click to find out more about Cloud’s insurance policies!" the landing page must include information about Cloud’s insurance policies.
  • Must link to a functioning webpage or a relevant landing page, which itself:
    • Refers to the same goods, services, and advertiser referred to in the campaign copy.
    • Does not look like spam.
    • Links to a valid privacy policy.
    • Is not under construction.
    • Has not disabled the browser’s back button.
    • Is viewable in commonly used browsers, e.g., Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
    • Should use the secure HTTPS protocol for additional security and to be compatible with Rokt’s Mobile SDK.


Example creativesApproval decision
Join the Company XYZ newsletter and receive a $25 VOUCHER to spend on your first purchaseRejected—Bolding and capitalization of words in campaign.
Company XYZ makes it easy to compare a wide range of advertisers in one place! Select YES below to receive a call from a friendly Company XYZ rep.Rejected—Unacceptable capitalization in the word YES.
Win win win a free balloon by signing up to Company XYZ’s e-newsletter.Rejected—Unnecessary repetition of word win.
It’s time to get ahead & look great with Company XYZ. We’re giving away an amazing prize. Find out more.Approved (traffic referral only)—Capitalization only for the partner's name.
You could win $1,000 by signing up to Company XYZ e-newsletter.Approved—Unnecessary repetition eliminated. Approved assuming competition terms are included.

Email examples#

The following examples assume the website referral campaign creative is "Receive a $25 Company XYZ voucher to get you started with your knitting hobby. Find out more."

Example email nurture copyApproval decision
Email alternative 1:

Here’s your $25 Company XYZ voucher to get you started with knitting. The voucher expires in December 2020, and can only be redeemed online. Did you know you can also purchase homewares, clothing, and shoes on our website? Check it out!
Rejected—Email includes content that is not directly related to the transaction that has already occurred.
Email alternative 2:

Here’s your $25 Company XYZ voucher to get you started with your knitting hobby. The voucher expires in December 2020, and can only be redeemed online.
Approved—Email only includes information about the offer the customer opted in to.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Rokt account manager or email

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