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Zapier is a workflow automation tool that quickly sets up workflows—known as zaps—between apps without users having to build a customized solution. The two most typical workflows are:

  1. Exporting referrals (e.g., updating a CRM)
  2. Importing custom audiences (e.g., suppression file)

This tool is particularly helpful for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have significant development resources to build workflow integrations.

Benefits of using Zapier#

  • Enhanced campaign performance: audience updates within Rokt and advertiser's CRM as frequently as every 15 minutes
  • Efficiency and fewer mistakes leading to less manual work
  • Increased data transfer security

Before you begin#

  • You must have a Zapier account.

  • Use a third-party marketing tool that is supported by Zapier. This includes a wide range of CRM and email service providers such as HubSpot, Constant Contact, Salesforce, and even Google Sheets. To check for Zapier’s supported apps, go to and search for the app.

    Referral Export via Zapier

  • You won’t need to give us access to your CRM as that’s all done through Zapier.

  • Reach out to your Rokt account manager to get your API key.

Zapier offers several pricing plans found here. Note that a zap is a link between your apps on Zapier. So, you would set up one zap for a custom audience import and the second zap for referral delivery. A task is a single action performed by Zapier. If your zap’s action is to add a new referral to your CRM, then you’ll use one task for every contact that is created (one task equals one contact).

Setting up referral delivery#

  1. Log in to Zapier.

  2. Search for Rokt in Zapier's directory of supported apps.

    Referral Export via Zapier

  3. Set up a zap for referral data delivery.

    1. Select the Rokt app with New Referral as the Trigger.

      Referral Export via Zapier

    2. Click Save + Continue.

    3. Click Connect an Account to connect to your Rokt account.

      Referral Export via Zapier

    4. Paste the API key that you have received from Rokt in Zapier.

      Referral Export via Zapier

    5. Under Action, select your CRM. Then select Add Subscriber (or some variation of that) and connect your account.

      Referral Export via Zapier

    6. Map all required fields.

      Referral Export via Zapier

    7. Turn your zap on.

      Referral Export via Zapier

Zaps run automatically every 15 minutes on the free account. If you're testing your zap, you can manually run a zap from the dashboard.

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