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Conversion reporting

Best Practice

When reporting based on conversion time, we strongly recommend these metrics are not relied upon for optimization or for understanding campaign success.

Conversion reporting allows you to measure your campaign’s ability to drive your desired outcome. At Rokt, our default and recommended reporting for click-thru acquisitions, CPA and conversions is based on the time the referral (click) occurred.

Conversion reporting based on referral time is the most accurate measurement of your campaign’s success as it directly links the action (the referral) to the outcome (the conversion). This gives more accurate insight and provides the ability to successfully optimize the success of campaigns on the Rokt platform. In One Platform, conversion metrics based on referral time are displayed on the same date as the referral that drove the conversion.

Rokt does provide additional conversion reporting based on conversion time. Reporting based on conversion time may be preferred for certain use cases (e.g., financial reporting) because the number of conversions are recorded and displayed based on when the conversion occurred and do not change over time. Conversion metrics based on referral time are recorded and displayed on the same date as the referral, and may continue to accumulate until the attribution window is reached.

The following conversion metrics are available in the Campaign Overview under the “Columns” feature.

Conversions by referral time (our recommended metrics):

  • Click-thru acquisitions
  • CPA
  • Conversion rate
  • Conversions

Conversions by conversion time:

  • Click-thru acquisitions (conv. time)
  • Conversions (conv. time)
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