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Target audiences & restricted campaign content

Rokt allows advertisers to show campaigns to specific lists of customers or prospects. More personalized campaigns provide a more relevant experience for customers on the Rokt platform to receive offers that are more likely to be of interest to them.

Equally, Rokt must ensure that personalization is appropriate and measured, and does not negatively impact customer experience.

Audience formation and campaign content#

When using audience targeting, advertisers must:

  • Only use lists that advertisers themselves have generated from their own records in the first-party context, e.g., where the individual being targeted shared the information directly with the advertiser. Targeting based on third-party lists is not permitted.

Further, advertisers must not:

  • Use sensitive personal data (defined below) for the purpose of forming audiences or for campaign targeting purposes;
  • Target, or upload the data of, children under 16, on any website, application, or service that collects or stores age information from individuals under the age of 16;
  • Present campaigns or link to any sites that contain, assert, or imply knowledge (whether true or not) of any sensitive personal information.

What is sensitive personal information?#

Sensitive personal information is considered, in its broadest sense: any adult activities; sexual behavior or orientation; racial or ethnic information; political affiliation; trade union membership; religion or religious/philosophical belief; negative financial status or personal hardship; health or medical information such as health conditions, treatments or procedures; status as a child under 16; the commission or alleged commission of any crime; or divorce or marital separation. This includes all information, whether or not it is correct, or whether actual or inferred.


Sensitive information categoryExample of prohibited campaign content
Medical informationHi {first name}. Hate your arthritis? Sign up to receive a sample of Cloud Co’s virtual Emu-Snake Oil today.
Divorce or marital separationRecently divorced? Sign up to receive email alerts from ABC Real Estate to help you find your new home.
Religious beliefsLooking for someone just like you? Get a month free when you sign up to [Christian-only]/[Jewish-only]/[Muslim-only] dating site now.
Adult activities/sexual behavior or orientationLooking for someone just like you? Get a month free when you sign up to [Lesbian]/[Gay]/[Bisexual]/[Transgender] dating site now.
Adult activities/sexual behavior or orientationPreviously visited [Lesbian]/[Gay]/[Bisexual]/[Transgender] You missed out on great news on the scene. Sign up to our e-newsletter today.
Negative financial statusNearly broke? Need a loan? Get a call from Mega Shark Loan Services today!

If you have any questions, reach out to your Rokt account manager or email

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