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Manually exporting transactions

However you like to have your transaction data delivered to you, all of your data is always accessible on the Rokt platform by going to Transactions > Customer Data > Export.

If something goes wrong, such as an API failure or an email being deleted, don’t worry! You can always log in to Rokt and download all of your transaction data at any time.

Rokt offers downloadable data in CSV format. To download:

  1. Log in to One Platform, and click on your account on the Home page.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Transations > Customer Data.
  3. Choose the placement that you want to view transaction data for.
  4. Adjust the date range in the top navigation bar.
  5. Click Export Data.
  6. Your export will immediately begin downloading to your computer. Depending on the number of records in the report, it may take a little while to complete. You should be able to open the CSV files into most common spreadsheet applications.

A maximum of 100,000 records can be downloaded at once.

Customizing export data fields#

The export uses a default template containing the key fields for your transactions. In needed, you can customize what data you export by adding, removing, and reordering the columns.

  1. From the Template dropdown, select Create new template.

    Transaction Export Manually

  2. On the screen that appears, use the drop-down menu to add or remove data fields.

    Transaction Export Manually

  3. Update the order of columns in the export file by dragging and dropping the fields.

    Transaction Export Manually

  4. Click Save as and enter a template name, if you want to use this template for future exports.

    Transaction Export Manually

  5. Click Export to download your data to a CSV file.

    Transaction Export Manually

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