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Integration monitor

Rokt can now connect to any of your systems containing transaction or conversion data, such as CDPs, CRMs, or analytics platforms like Google and Adobe Analytics.

Rokt requires API credentials to be provisioned for the desired system. From there, we'll handle the rest---there is no coding or development effort required.

Integration process

To get integrated:

  1. Provide your account manager with a list of systems you use that contains either session or conversion data. These systems are commonly analytics tools, attribution systems, and CDPs.
  2. Your solutions engineer will provide instructions for provisioning an API key and specifying the data query parameters to be shared with Rokt.
  3. We will then invite you to a system called Workato to help finalize the connection between your analytics platform and Rokt’s system.
  4. Rokt will perform QA as well as configure monitors and the relevant alerting systems when the solution is set up.


A secondary data source you may choose to integrate with Rokt is Google Analytics (GA). GA records the number of user sessions or page views that occur on your website. Rokt can integrate with GA to receive the number of sessions or page views on the confirmation page to be checked against Rokt’s records from the Rokt Web SDK. A discrepancy between the session numbers would imply something has gone wrong and can alert Rokt to conduct an investigation.

For this example, let’s assume your site averages 100M transactions per year. You have been enjoying a Revenue Per Transaction (RPT) of $.20 over the past year. Through integration monitoring we were able to uncover 5M transactions where the Rokt SDK was not firing. After some investigation, your Rokt team was able to help troubleshoot the solution. Integration Monitor has unlocked $1M of additional profit for your business with no extra work from your team!

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