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What is the Rokt Ecommerce BigCommerce app?

Rokt Ecommerce is a plug-and-play solution that applies Rokt’s proprietary technology to the BigCommerce confirmation page. It enables you to serve relevant offers from Rokt’s closed ecosystem of well-known advertisers to your customers after they’ve made a purchase. Every time a customer opts in to an offer, you get paid.

Is the app available on mobile devices?

Yes! Rokt provides a native experience to all customers regardless of whether they are purchasing on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. BigCommerce merchants will also be able to manage their store on their mobile devices.

What geographies is the app available in?

The Rokt Ecommerce application can be installed by any BigCommerce store but will only display offers to customers from within one of Rokt’s 16 supported regions and who are browsing the internet in English. This is to ensure that all offers displayed to customers are relevant to their geography.

Supported regions include: United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

What languages is the app available in?

The Rokt Ecommerce app is only available in English. This means that:

  • When using the app to enable your integration and customize your placement design and control list, you will need to navigate the app in English.
  • When displaying offers to customers, Rokt will only display offers in English. To ensure a relevant and native experience for every customer, Rokt will not display offers to customers who are browsing the internet in a non-English language.

What is a placement? When and where is it shown?

A placement is the Rokt container that displays offers from Rokt’s closed ecosystem of advertisers on your store’s confirmation page. You can choose from two placements: an overlay placement that loads on top of your confirmation page or an embedded placement that loads in-line with the content of your page. For optimal performance, we recommended you use the overlay placement as it typically drives twice the revenue as the embedded placement.

Will the app impact the speed or performance of my store?

There is minimal impact to your site’s speed and performance. Rokt placements load asynchronously to the rest of your site, meaning the browser does not need to wait for Rokt to finish loading before displaying the page.

What reporting metrics are available in the app?

On the Overview page, you can track:

  • Estimated revenue: the estimated revenue you earn after accounting for payment fees
  • Transactions: the number of orders recorded by the app
  • Revenue per transaction: the amount of revenue you earn per order
  • Offer impressions: the number of offers that have been presented to your customers
  • Referrals: the number of times your customers have opted in to an offer

You can filter these metrics by date and currency. All metrics are shown in your default time zone.

Can I show my own offers through the Rokt placement?

The Rokt Ecommerce app doesn’t currently support displaying promotions for your own store to your customers. For example, customer surveys, business reviews, loyalty programs, etc. However, this is something we’re looking to explore so feel free to reach out to our customer support team and ask if/when your use case will be supported.

Can I advertise with Rokt and promote my business on other sites?

To learn how you can join Rokt’s advertising network, request a demo from one of our experts via

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