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How do I enable and disable a placement?

Navigate to the Placement page.

  • To enable the placement, click Enable Placement.
  • To disable the placement, click Disable Placement.

How long does it take for the placement to start appearing?

Once enabled, your confirmation page placement should begin appearing after approximately 10 minutes.

How can I preview my placement?

Under the Placement page, you can view a preview of your placement design. This will show you what the placement will look like when it renders on your store.

If you wish to view the placement on your actual store as a customer would see it, you can conduct a test purchase once you have enabled the placement. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the placement is enabled on the Placement page of the app.
  2. Wait 10 minutes after enabling the placement before conducting a test purchase.
  3. Make a test purchase on your store using:
    • A shipping address from one of Rokt's supported regions (i.e. United States). Learn more about the regions that Rokt supports here.
    • Test payment details to ensure you are not charged for the purchase. Learn more about the BigCommerce Payment Test Mode.
  4. Complete the purchase and view the confirmation page. The Rokt placement should appear after a few seconds.

If your placement does not appear, refer to the FAQ for why this might be.

Can I customize the look and feel of the placement?

Yes. To customize the placement, click Customize Placement on the Placement page within the app. From here, you can adjust the placement to match your site’s style and preview desktop and mobile versions. Customizable components include:

  • Header (font, font color, and background color)
  • Body (font, font color, and image position)
  • Buttons (font, font color, background color, and lead button)
  • Turn on/off the offer timer and configure its length, font size, layout type, and background color

We recommend matching the theme of your site as much as possible. The more native the placement looks, the better the experience for your customers.

Will the Rokt placement appear on the confirmation page for every customer?

You can configure the allocation of traffic that will see the Rokt placement on the confirmation page via the Traffic Allocation slider on the Confirmation page tab on the Placement page.

When the traffic allocation is set to 100%, the Rokt placement will appear for every customer provided there is a relevant offer available. Reasons the placement may not appear include:

  • The customer is from an unsupported geography.
  • The customer’s browser settings are using an unsupported language.
  • There are no relevant Rokt offers to be displayed based on the available advertisers and the allowed vertical/sub-vertical categories. To ensure the maximum number of advertisers are available, it is recommended that only the necessary verticals or sub-verticals are blocked.

Why is the confirmation page placement not appearing?

There are a number of reasons why the confirmation page placement might not appear. These include:

  • The confirmation page placement is disabled. Check that the placement is enabled on the Placement page under the Confirmation page tab.
  • The confirmation page placement has been recently enabled. After enabling, it can take up to 10 minutes to begin appearing.
  • The shipping address may be from an unsupported Rokt region. To ensure that all offers are geographically relevant to the customer, Rokt will not show an offer to a customer from an unsupported region.
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