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Rokt Ecommerce overview

With a single integration, Rokt Ecommerce provides many ways to optimize the transaction experience. Rokt Ecommerce leverages machine learning to choose the next best action for customers while blending into your native site or application design.

Grow revenue

Display personalized third-party offers on your confirmation page with one quick integration. With Rokt Ecommerce, you gain access to Rokt’s exclusive ecosystem of premier advertisers around the world. Rokt machine learning uses contextual information about the customer and their purchase to provide relevant, personalized offers from third-party advertisers. Every time a customer opts in to a Rokt offer, you get paid.

Suggest relevant products and services

Increase average order value by letting Rokt Ecommerce recommend tailored upsells and cross-sells to your customers. Rokt can choose the right moment, experience, and product selections to maximize a customer’s likelihood of converting. You can choose to offer your own products, or earn commission on third-party sales by engaging with Rokt’s trusted provider ecosystem.

Increase customer lifetime value

Engage your customers through loyalty and retention campaigns. With Rokt Ecommerce you can run campaigns to increase app downloads, generate newsletter signups, gather user feedback, and more. Rokt’s machine learning algorithms choose the most relevant offers and experiences for each customer, ensuring they stay loyal and engaged.

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