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Reporting API Overview

The Rokt Reporting API enables advertisers and partners to retrieve their performance data from the Rokt platform to build their own reports and dashboards. It's an HTTP-based API that can be used to programmatically query and integrate Rokt data into external business applications. The API works with any language that supports making HTTP requests. Almost all requests are passed to the host URL.

To keep your data safe and secure, the Rokt Reporting API uses access tokens to authenticate requests. Access tokens allow Rokt to identify client applications and the type of data being accessed, as well as prevent malicious apps from accessing data that they should not be able to see.

Authentication to the API is performed via OAuth 2.0. To make a successful API call, you need to use an App ID and App Secret to obtain an access token. API requests without authentication will fail. The Rokt Reporting API only allows you to retrieve data from the accounts that your user credentials have access to.


For early adopters using the Alpha Release version of the API, make sure "rokt-version":"alpha-20200701" is used in your API request header to minimize possible breaking change. If no rokt-version header is used, your endpoint request will always point to the LATEST version of the Rokt Reporting API.