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Advertiser and vertical block rules

Managing the allowed advertisers and verticals for offers on your page#

Marketplace controls help you to set boundaries around the advertisers that are allowed to appear on your Rokt placement. You can use marketplace controls to control which advertisers are eligible to show offers on a placement and which are excluded.

There are two ways to restrict the types of advertisers and offers that can appear on your Rokt placement:

  1. Industry verticals and sub-verticals: These are standard categories used to define the type of product or service being sold by an advertiser. Every advertiser on the Rokt platform is categorized according to their industry vertical and sub-vertical.
  2. Brand domains: These are ecommerce advertisers that are marketing to customers on Rokt partner sites, identified by their website URL.

Configuring the rules for what advertisers are allowed to show on a placement is a fine balance between maximizing the value of your placement and creating a competitive marketplace, while also ensuring competitor offers do not show to customers on your site.

How it works#

By allowing a vertical, you are saying that any offers belonging to a advertiser within that vertical are allowed to show on your associated placements. The opposite is true when you select to block a vertical. Blocking a vertical excludes offers from advertisers in this vertical from appearing on the associated placements.

If you are an ecommerce company that operates in the travel industry, you likely don't want competitor offers to show on your site. You can enforce this by blocking all advertisers in the Travel & Tourism vertical.

Alternatively, you can block just one or a few of the sub-verticals that are your direct competitors, such as Airlines or Hotel / Accommodation advertisers within the Travel vertical. In this case any travel advertiser that is not an airline or accommodation provider would still be allowed to show offers on your placement.

A full list of the advertiser verticals and sub-verticals can be found here.

Excluding a specific advertiser#

Similarly, you can exclude specific advertisers from appearing on your placement when you think the behavior of that advertiser is inappropriate for your own brand or ineffective in promoting the sale of your products or services on the page where their offer will appear.

Adding a brand domain to your marketplace control list and setting the status to blocked explicitly excludes offers from that advertiser from appearing, even if the vertical that the advertiser belongs to is allowed. Similarly, allowing a brand domain overrides a block rule for that advertiser's industry vertical.

A brand domain follows the format of the website URL that you want to explicitly allow or block. For example,

Consider deciding to block the travel vertical to prevent competitor offers from appearing on your site. If you have a strategic partnership with a specific travel advertiser, such as an airline, you could add the brand domain of the airline to your list of allowed advertisers. This would allow offers from the airline to show on your associated placements, but continue to block all other travel advertisers operating in the Rokt marketplace.

Controlling the allowed vertical and advertisers for a specific placement#

Marketplace controls lists are shareable configurations of allow/block rules that are associated to a placement. Rokt provides a default marketplace control list with every account, containing standard allow/block rules for the industry verticals and sub-verticals that operate in our marketplace.

New lists can be created with variations of these controls to suit the objective of the associated placements. Every new placement inherits the default list, but can be associated to any offer control list within the account.

Available marketplace controls#

  1. Standard verticals
  2. Sensitive verticals
  3. Advertisers

Create a list#

  1. Find the Transactions tab in the left navigation and select Controls.
  2. Click Add controls.
  3. Input a Name.
  4. Configure your desired campaign settings.
  5. Click Save.

Create a control list#

  1. Find the Transactions tab in the left navigation menu, select the Controls page.
  2. Navigate to the Marketplace Controls tab.
  3. Click Add Controls.
  4. Input a name.
  5. Configure your desired marketplace allow/block settings.
  6. Click Save.

Link offer controls to a placement#

Marketplace control rules will not take effect until they are associated to a placement. To link your new marketplace controls to a placement, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Controls Overview and navigate to the Marketplace Controls tab.
  2. Find the Marketplace Control list.
  3. Click Link Placements.
  4. Select one or multiple placements that you want to link.
    1. Once checked, placements will be added to the list of Linked Placements.
  5. Click Save.

Your Placement/s will now be linked to your Marketplace Control list and inherit these rules. You can view linked Placements by expanding the Marketplace Control list in the Overview table.


  • Placements can be associated to maximum one list.
  • Lists can be associated to many placements.
  • Every account has a default list which is automatically associated to every new placement.
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