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Single targeted events guide

Single targeted events are targeted calendar events that can be sent to a subset of your subscriber base. This feature enables you to leverage the individualized communication capabilities of Rokt Calendar to send customized messages to your subscribers.

With the single targeted event functionality, you can upload a list of subscribers, specify the details of a calendar event, and then send the defined event to the list of subscribers.

This functionality is particularly powerful for sending targeted promotional messages to your customers, and enabling experimentation and A/B testing to determine the incremental impact of the event on your desired outcome.

Marketing cloud integrations

This targeted single event functionality is available for all clients using the Merchant Center, however Braze or Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients, can also take advantage of this functionality, as well as other additional benefits. Speak to your Rokt account manager today or see our integration guides for Braze and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to get started.

Before you begin#

To leverage the single targeted events functionality, you first need to have a live calendar with existing subscribers. For more details, see our calendar setup guide.


  1. Log in to the Rokt Calendar Merchant Center.
  2. Go to Targeting > Single targeted event.
  3. Click Add single targeted event.

Define your audience#

  1. Click + Upload Audience to expand the audience section.

  2. Select the type of unique identifier that Rokt should use to identify calendar subscribers for this audience.

    You can use three different types of identifier to create your audience. Once uploaded, our system takes the identifiers you have provided and matches each one to our database of existing subscribers. Where we find a match, the subscriber is added to the audience that will receive the targeted event.

    Based on your implementation of the calendar subscription process, you can use one of three identifiers to upload your audience file:

    1. Email address: Can be used if email capture is enabled for your calendar.
    2. External ID: Can be used if an alternative identifier can uniquely identify a subscriber (such as the externalID included in the query string of the calendar URL).
    3. Rokt subscriber ID: Can be used where no other unique identifier is known. You can find this identifier in the CSV download report (available in Analytics > Reports).
  3. Upload your audience file as a CSV. The file should be a single column containing the list of users you wish to target.

    You can preview sample files for each identifier type by selecting the Download sample file link.

Create your event#

  1. Create the event you wish send to your audience.

    1. Name your event (and include emojis if you’d like by clicking on the smiley face next to Event Name).
    2. In Location, provide a physical location or communicate a call to action (CTA), e.g., Go to now!.
    3. The Description field provides a higher character limit to share additional information with your subscribers. You can include more information about an event, like relevant links to materials or landing pages.
    4. Every event requires a start and end date and time (in 24-Hour time format), with the ability to set the time zone of the event.
    5. You can set up event reminders so that subscribers receive a notification at your preferred time before the event has taken place (1 minute to 40,320 minutes/4 weeks in advance). You can configure up to five event reminders.
    6. If you don't want subscribers to see the event immediately, you can enable the schedule event sync feature to set when the event will start to be synced to subscribers calendars. We recommend syncing at least 24 hours before the event start time to ensure all subscribers receive the event in time.

Send your event#

  1. After you've defined your audience and created an event, click Send targeted event to add this event to the calendars of subscribers in this audience.
Deleting or updating a targeted event

For now, you can't delete or update details of the event after it has been sent. We're working on this functionality, and it should be available soon. In the meantime, get in touch with your account manager to make any changes.

Once your event has been sent, you can see some basic reporting on the number of matched subscribers that have been synced with the targeted event on the Overview page.

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