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Return on Ad Spend Reporting

ROAS Reporting

Rokt’s platform supports Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) performance reporting via attributes through the Rokt snippet. You can add and display these metrics in any way you’d like in your custom overview reporting table.

Ensuring data accuracy

For accurate ROAS reporting, Rokt suggests including both “amount” and “currency” via the Rokt snippet. This ensures that currency conversions from different geographies are correctly accounted for in performance metrics. When currency is not included, Rokt will assume conversion amounts are in the default currency for your account.

Available ROAS performance metrics in the Campaign Overview

Total conversion amountTotal cumulative amount of the click-thru conversions (e.g., total order amount)
ROAS (conversions)Total conversion amount / Gross cost x 100
AOV (conversions)Total conversion amount / Number of conversions that included amount
Conversion amount fill rateConversions passed with amount / Total conversions x 100
Total click-thru acquisition amountTotal cumulative amount of the click-thru acquisitions (e.g., total order amount)
ROAS (click-thru acquisitions)Total click-thru acquisition amount / Gross cost x 100
AOV (click-thru acquisitions)Total click-thru acquisition amount / Number of click-thru acquisitions that included amount
Click-thru acquisition amount fill rateClick-thru acquisitions passed with amount / Total click-thru acquisitions x 100

Conversion amount estimation

ROAS performance metrics are susceptible to inaccuracy when conversion amount fill-rates are not 100%. In this instance, Rokt’s platform averages conversion amounts for ROAS calculation.

ROAS metrics will not be displayed where the fill-rate amount is less than 70% for the selected reporting window.

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