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Creating Nurture Journeys


We are differentiating two types of Nurture Journeys on the Rokt platform:

  • Partner email
  • Advertiser email

Partner emails can be linked to campaigns that do not give advertisers access to personally identifiable information. Partner emails are a way to complete a transaction by confirming interest in the offer, or delivering a coupon code or an app install link without the need to sign customers up to an email list.

Partners can opt out of sending partner emails at any point in time. This will make any campaign linked to a partner email Nurture Journey not eligible to appear on their site.

Used for the following campaign typesRokt Ads only:

- Website Traffic
- Promotion
- App Installs
- Calendar

Note: Website Traffic campaigns can only be linked to a journey with a single step
Advertisers can access personal dataNo
Sender namePartner name
Content- Includes a hardcoded header and footer that mention the partner's name and that the advertiser does not have access to the customer's data.
- The content of the email is templatized and the advertiser is only able to modify the copy and links within the email.
Subject lineThe subject line is hardcoded and the advertiser cannot change it:

- Subject line for first email: "Thank you for your interest in <Advertiser Name>"
- Subject line for second email: "Reminder of your <Advertiser>"
Performance monitoringPartner emails are sent by the partner’s sender domain. To protect their sender reputation, a partner email is automatically suspended for low performance if:

- Open rate is less than 7%
- Unsubscribe rate is more than 1.5%

Creating a partner journey#

  1. From the Nurture Overview page, add a new nurture and select one of the campaign types that supports partner emails (Website Traffic, Promotions, Calendar, or App Installs).

  2. Define audience and language settings.

  3. Add steps and select Schedule timing.

    Note: The first email in partner nurtures defaults to send immediately after offer interaction.

  4. Add an email creative.

    Note: The subject line and email template are predetermined for partner emails. The gray section is non-editable by the advertiser in the nurture builder.

Partner Email Nurture Journeys

The email body (white section) is advertiser content. You can edit the following elements:

  1. Copy (title, body copy, terms and conditions, call to action).
  2. Images are not allowed for partners that have not set up a custom header and footer.

Partners that have a branded header and footer can allow advertisers to use images in the email body.

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