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Creative experimentation is a powerful tool to help evaluate new marketing strategies and measure the impact of potential changes on conversion rates and overall performance. An A/B/n test lets you change elements of a creative such as promotion value, calls to action (CTAs), or landing page to quickly determine which variant or combination of variants delivers the best results based on your goal. By iteratively testing and improving creatives under controlled traffic allocations, you can drive reliable results and rapidly improve the efficiency of your campaign.

Conducting creative experiments with Rokt enables you to:

  • Test on a subset of overall traffic to mitigate risks of testing with creatives that deliver less desirable results.
  • Evenly split audiences into statistically comparable groups using our variant testing methodology.
  • Display the same creative to customers for every interaction with Rokt to ensure accurate measurement of downstream behavior.
  • Gain deep insight into the behavior of different segments and refine your messaging for each individual customer.
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