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How can I control what offers my customers will see?#

Rokt’s machine learning algorithms ensure that only the most relevant and engaging offers are presented to each individual. However, you have full control over which offer categories to show to your customers. On the Settings page, you can enable or disable offers from specific industry verticals and sub-verticals. You can also block offers from particular advertisers by listing their domain name(s).

All sensitive verticals (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, gambling) are blocked so you can rest assured that offers are friendly to all age groups.

How does offer targeting work?#

We gather insights on your customers in order to show the right offers to the right audiences, including:

  • Demographics: name, gender, age, email, address, city, country, language, etc.
  • Transaction details: total amount, currency, CCBIN, etc.
  • For a detailed list of the information collected, please check out the Rokt Terms and Conditions (also available on the Support page of the application).
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