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How do I pause, re-activate, or archive upsell campaigns?#

The status of your campaigns can be managed from the Upsell page:

  • To pause an active campaign: Click the pause icon from the campaign list or open the campaign by clicking the edit icon and then click the Pause campaign button.
  • To re-activate a paused campaign: Click the play icon from the campaign list or open the campaign by clicking the edit icon and then click the Activate campaign button.
  • To archive a paused campaign: Click the trash icon to trigger a confirmation message. Click Archive to confirm the action.
  • To archive an active campaign: Pause the campaign and then archive it via the instructions above.

Note: Archived campaigns can not be reactivated.

Will any discounts apply to the upsell offer?#

Any discounts applied to the original purchase will not be carried through to the upsell offer. However, separate discounts can be configured for each campaign to provide either a flat discount or a percentage discount to the selected upsell product.

Is there a limit on how many upsell offers will be displayed?#

Only one upsell offer will be displayed per purchase. However, there is no limit to the number of purchases that we are able to support.

If multiple upsell campaigns or products are eligible, which of them will be displayed?#

Rokt’s machine learning will display the campaign and product that the customer is most likely to engage with.

A two-step process is used to determine which campaign and product combination is displayed to each customer. Firstly, all eligibility rules are applied to determine what campaigns and what products within these campaigns are eligible to be displayed. This list of eligible campaigns and products is then processed by Rokt’s optimization systems to select the campaign and product combination with the highest predicted engagement rate based on information about the customer and their initial purchase.

Will my customer need to go through the checkout again and re-enter their information to purchase an upsell?#

No. Rokt upsell offers are displayed on the Shopify post-purchase extension after they have confirmed their original order. When a customer opts-in to a Rokt upsell offer, the customer will pay for the product and have it added to their existing order with a single click or tap on the Pay now button.

When a customer purchases an upsell offer, does it create a new order?#

No. When a customer opts-in to a Rokt upsell offer, the product will be added to the customer's existing order. However there will be two separate charges on this order. One for the initial purchase and one for the upsell purchase.

Can customers skip the post-purchase upsell?#

Yes. In the top left corner of the post-purchase page, there is an option to View order confirmation so that the customer can go directly to their order confirmation.

Will upsell offers impact my conversion rates or risk the original purchase?#

No. The Rokt upsell offer is only displayed after a customer has completed their initial purchase (by clicking “Pay now”), so your conversion rates and the original purchase are never at risk.

Which payment methods are supported?#

Supported payment methods:

  • Shopify Payments
  • All direct third-party credit card processors supported by Shopify Checkout in your region
  • Shop Pay
  • PayPal Express

Unsupported payment methods: If a customer pays for their entire purchase with an unsupported payment method, the Rokt upsell offer will not be able to appear as these are currently unsupported by Shopify.

  • Off-site payment gateways like Afterpay, Sezzle, Affirm, Klarna, Quadpay
  • Digital wallet other than Shop Pay or PayPal Express
  • Gift cards
  • Manual payments like cash on delivery
  • Any other flow where Shopify doesn't have a stored credit card from the customer on-hand.

Note: If the original purchase was free (that is $0.00) the Rokt upsell offer will not be able to appear either.

Do the upsell offers integrate with third party fulfillment providers?#

Yes. When an upsell offer is shown on the post-purchase page, Shopify automatically places a fulfillment hold on the order to stop the original purchase from being fulfilled while the customer is interacting with the upsell offer. This hold is lifted once the customer reaches the Shopify Thank You Page, or after one hour after checkout completion. With this approach, the Rokt upsell offers will integrate with all third party fulfillment apps using the Shopify Order Fulfillment API.

Are physical and digital products handled differently?#

Both physical and digital products are able to be presented as a Rokt upsell offer. However, physical products are only eligible to be displayed when the initial purchase also includes a physical product and the customer has provided their shipping address.

If the customer purchased a digital product and did not share their shipping information, physical products will not be eligible to appear within the Rokt upsell offer.

What happens if one of my products is out of stock?#

When determining what products are eligible to be displayed to customers, the following rules are automatically applied:

  • If inventory is not tracked, the product will be eligible.
  • If inventory is tracked the product is allowed to continue selling when out of stock, the product will be eligible.
  • If inventory is tracked, the product is not allowed to continue selling when out of stock but has a positive (non-zero) stock availability, the product will be eligible.

If none of these conditions are met, the product will not be able to be displayed to your customers.

What happens if a customer purchases an upsell offer but there is an error?#

It is possible that a customer may see a “transaction declined” error message after attempting to buy a Rokt upsell offer due to an error with the bank or payment processor.

In this case, the upsell product will still be added to the customer’s original order but the payment will be unable to be processed. As a result, the order will be assigned a“Partially paid” status. The customer will automatically receive an email from Shopify with an explanation that this item was added to their order but payment was unable to be processed. This email will include instructions on how to pay the outstanding balance.

Is it possible to track conversions on the post-purchase page?#

For the native Shopify Facebook Pixel integration, the "Purchase" event will be triggered when the first post-purchase page loads. Similarly, for the native Shopify Google Analytics integration, a "Completed Order" will be triggered on the first post-purchase page. If an upsell offer is shown, this will be the post-purchase page. If no upsell offer is shown, this will be the confirmation page.

Other tracking services that are integrated on the Order Confirmation page via a script will continue to be triggered when the customer lands on the confirmation page and will not be triggered on the post-purchase page. However, it is also possible to integrate additional scripts onto the post-purchase page to track conversions. Note: If you add conversion tracking scripts to the post-purchase page, you’ll need to update your order status page script to avoid recording duplicate conversions. More details here.

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