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noDeviceId (optional)#

noDeviceId? : undefined | false | true

Allows partners to opt out from device recognition (e.g., cookies) for the current session.

pageIdentifier (optional)#

pageIdentifier? : undefined | string

A unique name for the page where you are planning on displaying the placements.

This is useful in cases where:

  • A multistep checkout flow may have pages with the same Universal Resource Identifier (URI). This provides the opportunity to identify the page uniquely.
  • When you want to call /placements/any but aren't sure what the URI is for the page on which you want to show placements.

pageInitTimestamp (optional)#

pageInitTimestamp? : Date

A JavaScript Date object representing the time the current page started loading.

This is useful for more accurate performance metrics for single page applications (SPAs) where the time the SPA was loaded is not necessarily representative of the page on which the Rokt placement loads.

sandbox (optional)#

sandbox? : undefined | false | true

A boolean flag marking if the sandbox environment should be used for the session.

Note: This should never be set to true in production.

The flag is useful in the following cases:

  • A partner wants to do user acceptance testing against the production configuration without generating any referrals, before launching in production
  • Sandbox is used in continuous integration environment on the partner side

sessionId (optional)#

sessionId? : undefined | string

Rokt session ID to be passed in case if you have already generated your session ID before.

For example, you could have your session ID generated by connecting with the Rokt backend before visiting a page where your tag is displayed.

In this case, you should provide previously generated Rokt session ID as this parameter so Rokt can pair both interactions together.

skipInitialSelection (optional)#

skipInitialSelection? : undefined | false | true

Flag to skip the initial selection.

This is useful for single page applications that want to launch the Web SDK service before displaying offers.

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