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Frequently asked questions

Getting started#

What is Rokt?#

Rokt is an ecommerce technology platform that connects leading advertisers with customers while they’re buying online. We operate in 16 global markets with a singular focus on unlocking value for our clients and their customers. Our goal: to make every ecommerce transaction smarter, faster, and better. Learn more about Rokt at

What is the Rokt Ecommerce Shopify application?#

Rokt Ecommerce is a plug-and-play solution that applies Rokt’s proprietary technology to the Shopify confirmation page. It enables you to serve relevant offers from well-known advertisers to your customers after they’ve made a purchase. Every time a customer opts in to an offer, you get paid.

How can I install the Rokt Ecommerce Shopify application?#

You can find the Rokt Ecommerce application in the Shopify Store via this link: From this page, click Add App to install the application.

Is the application available on mobile devices?#

Yes! The application is available on mobile devices for both you and your customers. You can access all functionality regardless of whether you are managing your store via the Shopify web experience or the Shopify mobile experience. In addition, the overlay on your confirmation page is displayed to customers purchasing on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Earning revenue, viewing performance, and getting paid#

How do I earn revenue?#

The application enables you to present offers from leading advertisers in a native overlay on your confirmation page. Every time a customer opts in to an offer, you get paid.

How much can I earn?#

This depends on the number of orders placed by your customers and the number of offers that they opt in to. The more orders placed and the more engaged your customers are, the more revenue you generate.

How do I get paid?#

You will be paid via PayPal. Please provide us with your PayPal email address on the Settings page within the application. If you don’t have a PayPal account, provide us with the email address you wish to receive payments through, and PayPal will help you create an account once your first payment is processed.

When do I get paid?#

Our payment system works in three steps:

  1. Month 1: Revenue generation. Offers are shown to customers on your site and revenue is accrued every time they opt in.
  2. Month 2: Revenue collection. Rokt analyzes the offers that customers opted in to during Month 1 and charges advertisers for these referrals.
  3. Month 3: Invoice creation and payment. You will be sent an invoice detailing the exact amount of revenue to be paid out via PayPal on the 1st of the following month.

The example below outlines how revenue generated in July will be paid out by the 1st of October:

July (Month 1)August (Month 2)September (Month 3)
Offers are shown on your site and revenue is accrued.Advertisers are charged for the referrals generated in July.An invoice is sent out detailing the amount you’ll be paid via PayPal on the 1st of the following month.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?#

Yes. In order to avoid significant PayPal fees, your revenue will accrue until the end of a month when a payment of at least $100 USD can be made.

What reporting metrics are shown in the application?#

On the Overview page, you can track:

  • Estimated revenue: the estimated revenue earned after accounting for payment fees
  • Revenue per transaction: the amount of revenue you earn per order
  • Transactions: the number of orders recorded by the application
  • Offer impressions: the number of offers that have been presented to your customers
  • Referrals: the number of times your customers have opted in to an offer

You can filter these metrics by date and currency. All metrics are shown in your default time zone.

Why is my PayPal payment different from the revenue amount shown in my invoice and reported in the application?#

When comparing these three sources, there are a few things to be aware of:

  1. The application displays an estimate of the accrued revenue in your browser’s default time zone. This revenue estimate accounts for PayPal fees via a rough approximation and should be considered an estimate only.
  2. The revenue displayed in your invoice excludes PayPal payment fees and is calculated by considering the revenue earned in USD in the UTC+8 time zone.
  3. Your PayPal payment should match the total amount displayed on your invoice minus PayPal fees (approximately 4%).

Placement and UI customization#

What are placements? When and where are they shown?#

A placement is the Rokt container that is displayed on your store within which Rokt offers are displayed. Currently, the application only supports overlay placements that load on top of your site’s content. When enabled, the Rokt placement appears for every eligible customer on your confirmation page.

Can I customize the look and feel of the placement?#

Yes. To customize the placement, click Customize Placement on the Placement page within the application. From here, you can adjust the placement to match your site’s style and preview desktop and mobile versions. Customizable components include:

  • Header (font, font color, and background color)
  • Body (font, font color, and image position)
  • Buttons (font, font color, background color, and lead button)

We recommend matching the theme of your site as much as possible. The more native the placement looks, the better the experience for your customers.

How do I enable the placement?#

On the Overview page or the Placement page, you can enable the placement by clicking Enable Placement.

How do I disable the placement?#

On the Overview page or the Placement page, you can disable the placement by clicking Disable Placement.

Will the placement impact the speed or performance of my store?#

We understand the importance of page load time to your business and, as such, this is a core focus for Rokt when building out solutions. Rokt placements load asynchronously to the rest of your site, meaning that our script loads at the same time as the page showing a placement. Because the browser does not need to wait for Rokt’s script to finish loading before displaying the page, there is minimal impact to speed or performance.

Offers, controls, and targeting#

How can I control what offers my customers will see?#

You decide which categories of offers to show your customers. On the Settings page, you can enable or disable offers from specific industry verticals and sub-verticals. You can also block offers from particular advertisers by listing their domain name(s).

All sensitive verticals (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, gambling) are blocked so you can rest assured that offers are friendly to all age groups.

Additionally, Rokt’s machine learning algorithms ensure that only the most relevant and engaging offers are presented to each individual.

How does offer targeting work?#

We gather insights on your customers in order to show the right offers to the right audiences, including:

  • Demographics: name, gender, age, email, address, city, country, language, etc.
  • Transaction details: total amount, currency, CCBIN, etc.

For a detailed list of the information collected, please check out the Rokt Terms and Conditions (also available on the Support page of the application).


Not finding the right answers? Visit our customer support portal to submit a ticket.

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