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The Rokt segment destination optimizes campaign performance by integrating conversion attribution for Rokt Ads. To integrate with Segment, please follow the steps below:

Adding the Rokt Segment destination

  1. Once you’ve logged into your Segment account, open the Catalog tab from the Workspace page.

  2. Select the Destinations tab and search for “Rokt”.

  3. Click Configure Rokt. segment-1

  4. On the configuration page, select the data source that you want to configure and then click Next.


  1. On the following setup page:
    1. Enter the destination name. This name identifies the destination within your organization and typically includes the business unit, geographic region, or environment. Example: Rokt Segment North America Prod.
    2. Select the setup method Fill in the settings manually.
    3. Click Save on the setup page. After you save the setup page information, you will be redirected to the connection setting page.
  2. Enter the details of the connection setting for your destination as shown in the following screenshot:



You can get the configuration values from One Platform under profile settings. Contact your account manager for any issues with these credentials.

Once you've entered these values, click Save to complete the configuration.

Testing the Rokt destination

Once you have ensured the Rokt Segment destination is installed, authentication details are entered, and all attributes have been connected, you can test the Rokt segment destination in the following ways:

Testing the connection to Rokt

  1. From your Segment workspace Connections tab select the newly created Rokt destination. segment-4

  2. On the Settings tab for the Rokt destination ensure that all the connection settings have been filled out correctly, with the information provided by your Rokt account manager. segment-5

  3. Click the Event Tester tab and choose Event Builder as the event tester type.

  4. To configure the Event Builder:

    1. Select Track from the "Call Type" drop-down menu.
    2. Leave the User ID as the default strong created by Segment.
    3. Under "Properties", please make sure that the entries for "Key" and "Value" are the same as the data attributes that you are integrating with Rokt.
      For example, if you’re integrating email address, firstname, last name, and zipcode with Rokt, ensure that these fields are populated with appropriate string values.


  5. Click Send Event. You should receive a "200 OK" response if you've successfully connected to Rokt. Please reach out to your account manager to check that the data attributes were correctly captured in Rokt’s system for the test event.

  6. If any other response besides "200 OK" is received, please reach out to your Rokt account manager to troubleshoot the issue.

Once you've received a "200 OK" response, you can activate the Rokt destination.

  1. From the Workspaces page, open the Connections folder and go to the Destinations tab.
  2. Click the toggle next to the "Setup Guide" to activate the destination. segment-8

End to end testing

Once the Rokt destination is activated, please speak with your account manager to perform end to end testing on the integration. This will typically involve performing test purchases on your staging or production site to ensure all data attributes are correctly integrated. Your Rokt account manager will advise on the exact testing steps here, as well as perform any additional testing and QA.