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Mobile SDK data

The Rokt mobile (iOS, Android, and React Native) SDKs require certain data to render the services for our clients and their customers. Mobile application stores often require applications to disclose the data they integrate with third parties. On this page you can find a list of the data Rokt requires and recommends as part of a mobile SDK integration, as well as the data not expected by Rokt.

Rokt’s processing of personal information is governed by Rokt’s Partner Agreements and Privacy Policy. All Rokt offers include a link to Rokt's privacy disclosure (and that of the partner, if requested) for transparency.

Required data#

Rokt uses the following data to ensure the SDK operates as intended:

  • Email address
    • Rokt requires that partners include customer email address as part of their integration. Rokt uses this information to fulfill the customer's request if they opt in to an offer (e.g., subscribing them to an email newsletter). Email address also allows conversions to be attributed to the appropriate Rokt campaign.
  • Product interactions
    • Customer interactions with the Rokt placement, including placement and offer impressions, as well as positive and negative engagements.
  • Advertising data
    • Data about the offers displayed to a customer, and what offers have been positively or negatively engaged with.
  • Other data
    • Device data including device type; brand and model; operating system and version; application package name and version; IP address; and UI locale.

Recommended data#

Rokt encourages integrating additional data for greater campaign optimization, enhanced targeting, improved personalization capabilities, and higher spend efficiencies. You can view our list of recommended attributes. You can also include any custom attributes to complement the standard integration. Any extra data is integrated at your discretion.

Some of the most useful attributes include:

  • Customer first and last name
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Payment details
  • User ID
  • Purchase history

Data not integrated#

None of the Rokt mobile SDKs require data from any of the below categories:

  • User contact information (other than that specified above)
  • Health and fitness data
  • Credit or other financial information
  • Precise or coarse location
  • Sensitive information (e.g., political or religious views)
  • Contacts
  • Emails, text messages, photos, videos, audio data, gameplay content, customer support, or other user data
  • Browsing history
  • Device ID (as of SDK Version 3.1.1, IDFA is no longer collected)
  • Other usage data
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